Monday, February 15, 2010

Why she did it...

This teaser for a story about the husband of the Alabama university professor shooter was, uh, very special:

James Anderson tells paper both were cleared in in Massachusetts pipe-bomb
investigation and that Bishop's brother died in accidental shooting.

Wow. I didn't know about the pipe-bomb thingie. Why didn't he just say "my wife's not a nut, they never proved anything."

I clicked on the link because I sort of expected him to express surprise at the shootings because she was adamantly opposed to firearm use of any kind, or somesuch, but I didn't see a statement to that effect.

I believe in second chances for people-- truly I do-- but I wonder how anyone who accidentally shot her brother could be deemed fit to be schoolin' the fruit of others' loins. Apparently, she shot her brother in the gut a few times with a 12-ga so she already had her second and third chances.

Frankly, I think she went on a murderous rampage due to a lack of personal cuteness. That shit's deadly. Pretty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.


George said...

I agree, Phlegmie. I saw this on Fox News, this AM. The pipe bomb thing was never proven, but apparently linked to her NOT GETTING A GOOD REVIEW!! Even FOX is playing the gender card, though.
'She's a mother, and a wife'. We don't usually see these kind of comments about male serial murderers, do we? (He's a father, yadda, yadda) -sigh-

Rabbit said...

First off, she's definitely missing the mark on the Bettie Paige look.

I know lots of tenured biology folk, and although 'eccentric behavior' and 'politically liberal' are common in that breed, you'd think that someone might have connected the dots...oh, wait...they don't subscribe to scientific hypotheses anymore.


Thud said...

I think you hit the reason right on the nail!

Old NFO said...

One report said she had 'trouble' dealing with reality... sigh...

TOTWTYTR said...

You forget the part where after "accidentally" shooting her brother (twice), she ran to a nearby auto shop and threatened to shoot an employee if they didn't give her a getaway car.

Oh, and the part where two police officers, who would have been justified in shooting her, wrestled the shot gun away from her.

Did I mention that two guys I work with went to school with her. Popular, she was not.