Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Lips Are Sealed

The Go-Go's recorded this song in 1981, but I always preferred the Fun Boy Three version which they recorded in 1983. This song was written by GoGo Jane Wiedlen and Terry Hall of FBT and the Specials. Most likely, if you've ever heard Fun Boy Three before, it was on the Bananarama hit "Really Saying Something."

Good googly moogly. Was this really three decades ago? Judging by the hairstyles, uh, that would be a big 10-4, good buddy. We've got a convoy of big big hair only possible with enviro-terror CFC-packing hairsprays, bless 'em. So what if it dates me horribly? This still sounds really good to me. :)

Points to the classy drummer in pearls and platinum pageboy. Fun.


Jon said...

I was watching a commercial the other night, which was advertising a CD of the big hair rock bands. As I watched, I realized my exposure to all was through the radio only. I never saw the musicians, who riveled the most flaming of drag queens with their spandex, makeup and glitter. I know it was popular, but the why escapes me.

Vinogirl said...

Boy, that was a blast from the past!!!

Roscoe said...

The male lead singer is wearing more eye make up than the women.

80s ... fer sure. :)

Jon said...

I've seen a few of these musicians lately. One, Bret Michaels, has his own reality show: "Who Wants to be a Skank?" or is it "Rock of Love"?

Anyways, between his diabetes and loss of hair, I'm thinking he needs to put his "Big Hair" stuff away. It's getting a little pathetic.

NotClauswitz said...

OMG I remember all that, in a terribly too-old-already mid-20's fashion while trying to make the scene in a DC nightclub where I met the sweet daughter of the Ambassador from Chile.