Friday, February 19, 2010

One that satisfies my artistic needs...

Or not.

Or just healthcare needs.

This coming Monday will mark my first day as official employee of Big Corporation. March 1 I'll have health insurance coverage with no preExisting waiting period. And vacation days. Paid. And sick leave. Paid. *giddy*

This must be a mark of sashaying into middle age-- I give a crap about the healthcare benefit. Then again, I am an habitual pneumonia-getter, so the medical coverage definitely rates...

Funny thing was I was mistaken about when I went on break Thursday morning. Thought I'd left at 9:50, but I'd actually left at 9:45. So I was back at my cube, goofing off and my boss called me and said "You've been on break for 19 minutes. I need to see you in my office. Immediately."

Liqui-poo. Seriously. I could have soiled myself right there. She never gets mad at me and today she sounded really pissed. Crap! I got over there and she told me the temp service wouldn't be employing me any more because the company was hiring me permanently. In a scene which was actually much less rife with cliche and gooey sentiment than you'd imagine, there were tears and hugs.

She told me that she finally was at liberty to tell me that people all over the building (especially some of the folks in quality) were demanding that she find a way to get me hired. She said they were all saying "we can't let her go!"

I didn't tell you at the time, but there were a couple tiny issues (resolved in my favor) that happened at the worst possible moment-- when they were considering bringing the temps in as permanent employees. I was still on a probationary program (along with the others), but they offered jobs to all of those people at the end of October. Since November, I've been the only temp in customer service at the company, and I've just been trying to fly under the radar and not call attention to myself, in case they should decide to let me go. The irony was that most of the quality hiccups of mine were overturned, and I made it off of the probationary program around the beginning of the year with very high marks, and I know that some of the people they'd hired were on the probationary program well after I'd gotten off of it. One of life's little ironies, I suppose.

Anyway, the good news is that things feel much more secure in the employment arena, and that's a nice feeling. I've earned this.


Rev. Paul said...

Fantastic! Good for you, ma'am.

Farmmom said...

Good for you! Now sit back and take a deep breath. :)

Cliff47 said...

Good on 'ya...

drjim said...


Jon said...

In this crappy job market, the movers and shakers really go over potential employees with the finest of combs. They can, and will take advantage of the large selection.
The fact that they picked you speaks volumes about your character and work ethic. You should be very proud.

NotClauswitz said...

Congrats! Taking care of your health becomes more significant as you pass the tipping-point and start staring down the wrong end of the binoculars - or whatever.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Jon nailed it. It's definitely a buyer's market for employers right now, so the fact that they picked you up speaks volumes.


Maybe it's the shoes...



Anonymous said...


B Woodman

Joe Allen said...


Now, here are some shoes to celebrate:

Crucis said...

Good on ya!

A long time ago, I was a contractor for a large communications company who's name starts with an "A". There were problems in a project, so I documented the issues, added some suggestions for action plans and how to monitor to insure the issues were resolved.

I was out the door before lunchtime.

Two months later, same type contract job and another large communications company who's name starts with "S". Different type project but design issues arose. Repeat above. This time instead of getting the left-foot of fellowship, I got a job offer. Spent 18 years there until last December.

Two companies, two different reactions. Makes a big difference from the employee's perspective.

Old NFO said...

YEAs for you!!! :-) Deep breath is allowed :-)

Thud said...

Well done my good woman.

OldGuy said...

seriously, big congrats. I'm living the no bene's, no vacation, no sick time thing too, and it just plain sucks.

I saw this, and I immediately thought of you:

phlegmfatale said...

Rev Paul -Thank ye!

FarmMom - *HUGS*

Cliff47 - Thanks!

drJim - thank you kindly!

Jon - thank you for the kind words. I did work very hard for this.

DirtCrashr - Hush! My vision hasn't gone south yet - let's not wake the vision imps!

SpeakerTweaker - ooooh! Shoes! I hadn't considered how to celebrate!

B Woodman - after my own heart!

Joe Allen - I'd LOVE to have a pair of those to display in my shrine-- er, closet.

Crucis - It's amazing, isn't it? I'm glad you had a better experience the second time.
Old NFO - I'm enjoying it!

Thud - :)

OldGuy - It DOES suck. Here's hoping you find your way into something better soon, too. LOVELOVELOVE the shoe link! :) Made me smile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and well done! Time to break out the gourmet puppy chow and a microbrew and celebrate.