Saturday, February 20, 2010

B-Movie Saturday

I saw Frankenhooker in Dallas at the Inwood Theatre hosted by JoeBob Briggs. I laughed and laughed. Even the voiceover on the trailer seems impossibly cheap and seedy.

Good times.

After his girlfriend is tragically killed in a lawnmower accident leaving only her head behind, a budding young scientist harvests body parts from hookers to bring his girlfriend back to life. Some assembly required.


Roscoe said...

Joe Bob Briggs? You're dating yourself.

I saw "Big Trouble In Little China" on cable in the 80s hosted by Joe Bob. I got a huge kick out of the show, but my SO was not amused.

(Did I mention that she is the ex-SO?)

Joe Bob seemed to disappear from cable when Mystery Science Theater premiered.

In Tampa, we had the original TV horror movie host, Dr. Paul Bearer. This YouTube clip claims the show started in the 80s, but "Creature Feature" actually premiered about a decade before that.

I have Dr. Paul to thank for a life-long love of bad horror movies, cheap Halloween jokes, and Tom Lehrer -- a regular "Creature Feature" skit was the host lip synching to "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park".

Old NFO said...

Um... I'll pass...