Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More funny from Terry Pratchett

I'm reading the Fifth Elephant right now, and the repartee between the officers of the Watch has the ring of authenticity about it. Knowing a few LEOs, I can just hear the following exchange:

"Corporal Nobbs!"
"Coming, Captain!" shouted Nobby. He pulled open the bottom drawer of his battered and stained desk and took out a packet of chocolate biscuits, some of which he arranged daintily on a plate.

"Does me no good at all to seeyou acting like this," Stronginthearm went on, winking at the other dwarfs. "You've got it in you to be a really bad copper, Nobby. Breaks my heart to see you throwin' it all away to become a really bad waitress."

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a Pratchett book somewhere on my teetering must read pile. Now I just need time to read.