Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ode on a Grecian Patty Melt...

Eating habits are just a smidge different out here than were they in Dallas. I'm not criticizing but am merely observing. There's many an eatery out here where there's not a single good choice on the menu, health-wise. I'm loving the blue-plate aneurysm special, really, but certain discoveries here have had an *ahem*-- a-- well, a deleterious effect on my otherwise cast-iron stomach. In specific, I speak of the patty melt. Oh, I come to praise patty melts, not to bury them. But the patty melt comes with a price that'll get you in the end. I've probably heard the term "patty melt" over the course of my life hundreds of times, but never got around to asking what it was. I figured it was pretty much a cheeseburger, right?


A patty melt is chopped, caramelized onions mixed with ground beef and cheese, sort of a sloppy Joe consistency festooned between two buttery slices of Texas toast. I like to think of it as a Sloppy Bubba.

Anyhoo. Sloppy Bubba does bad, bad things to my innards. Yes, I know this is a phenomenal overshare, but I'm writing this Friday night and thinking this weekend will probably bring occasion to go down to the local greasy spoon [The Feed Bag] and get my recommended daily allowance of Sloppy Bubba.

And now for a palate cleanser I give you a picture of a tree I took Thursday:


Jon said...

I was asked at a local burger joint how I wanted my burger. I told the young lady I would rather have a patty melt, but it wasn't on the menu. She had never heard of a patty melt, so I explained how it was made.

The fry cook, who was now interested, asked me to repeat the recipe, so she could make me a patty melt. I did, she did, and the result was much better than a regular burger, although the onions weren't nearly as carmalized as I prefer. I guess it was a hybrid, sans a really crisp kosher dill on the side.

Crucis said...

Yours is a different version of Patty Melt than what we have in Missouri. Here, a Patty melt is leftover meatloaf (or sometimes just hamburger) formed into a patty grilled with cheese, swiss frequently, it is placed betwixt toasted bread with grilled onions added on top of the patty and cheese.

I have seen grilled kraut used instead of grilled onions.

Be that as it may, a Patty Melt is NOT on my preferred menu list. I like the taste of grilled onions, I just don't like eating them. It's like munching on worms.

George said...

I'm in Az, and a friend from Kentucky both agree, a Patty Melt is a burger, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, on grilled RYE bread. It is traditionally served with Thousand Island dressing, but mustard is an acceptable substitute. The requirements are grilled rye, grilled onion and Swiss cheese. Otherwise, it's not as advertised. And, yes, they are delicious. And Denny's took them off their menu a few years ago, and I was verklempt!

Anonymous said...

Patty melts are like tortilla soup: everyone who makes them has a different recipe, all of which are set in stone.