Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink, fluffy clouds...

Tuesday night brought storms in the distance. Low, billowy clouds blossomed back-lit pink as crooked fingers of lightning arced from cloud to cloud. All this at great enough remove that I didn't hear thunder, but the mere sight of such roseate firmament seemed a resounding endorsement of my having moved to this remote locale.

I love violent weather. Good thing, that. Now I'm free to enjoy rainstorms again without worrying about leaks in the buildings I manage. I don't miss the way my enjoyment of stormy weather was always dampened by the dread of whatever roof or wall might obligingly give water entry into someone's apartment. Yes, I'm free to enjoy bad weather again. I just hope I don't get blowed away.


Roscoe said...

Poor construction or old buildings?

During the bubble, I saw a bunch of apartment buildings go up in my area of Tampa with wood frame exterior walls on the ground floor -- a big no-no here in FL since the good termite treatment chemicals were banned in the 70s.

Managing those will be a challenge. Friends in the local construction trades are estimating 10 years before the apartments will have to be demolished.

BTW, do you have all of your moving-related phone/Internet issues settled? The "Death Star" sent out email last night that they presented what they term a "last, best, and final" offer to the union employees in the region that includes Texas.

Something tells me this whole mess isn't over. A lockout or a strike is coming.

HollyB said...

As much as I dislike putting my top up b/c of rain, I enjoy a good thunderstorm, too.
There's something comforting about being warm, dry and safe inside while Mother Nature lashes the outside world with water and wind. AHH!

Ann diPomazio said...

I too love a good thunder storm. I think that is what I miss most about the desert. The amazing electrical storms and that wonderful smell of ozone that comes with them.

On a side note, your ears must have been ringing last night. B. and I were wishing you were with us. :)

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

I too love violent weather... And we're just now coming into our rainy season with afternoon thunderstorms. It's the Hurricanes I can do without.

Rabbit said...

The Wife was out that way last night; coming home today (Wednesday). She called to let me know she was enjoying the weather (or, maybe not, since she's from there).

I kept the back door open last night until the wind dropped off to nothing, then I had to turn on the a/c. Of course, Jack and Abby let me know in their 'special way' that they wanted out at 0200 and 0315- Jack, by putting those big paws on my nose, and Abby, by nipping anything she thought looked like fleshy bits.

I'm sure it'll rain in torrents this weekend. It's the Wildflower Festival.