Friday, May 01, 2009
Tra la!
Spent my first night in the house last night. Yesterday I got the closet completely painted except for the baseboards and frame. Woke up this morning and painted that trim and scrubbed the hardwood floor by hand with Murphy's Oil floor soap. (anyone have experience with this stuff, or can anyone recommend a good cleaner/reconditioner for hardwoods that need a little love?) The original hardwood floors are in great shape, actually, but the house has basically been used as storage for the past decade or so, so there's a goodly layer of dirt married to the floor surface. The owner very kindly cleaned the floor with orange oil cleaner, but it needed a hands-and-knees scrubbing-- you know how severe I can be. Alas, no minion was handy to do my bidding while I sipped mint juleps and ate bonbons. meh. Thank goodness for latex gloves. Anyway, I scrubbed the path between my bedside and to the bathroom door, so I don't have to put on booties to walk to the bathroom at 3am. Yays. This house is really nice and the pups were tearing around the backyard like little banshees this morning, so it's going to be a grand place for us. I hope the owner will feel it was improved by our presence there. :) I already have a mind for a little bit of supplemental planting I'll be doing (it already has some plants I really like), but I'll get to that after the inside is more up-to-speed.

Anyhoo, this morning, the closet floor is clean and the closet is night-and-day different from what it was yesterday. I should be able to start hanging clothes in it by the end of the day. I chose my white-color, btw, and then I noticed the name-- Swiss Coffee by Behr. I've been using Behr paints for a long time, and I've always had great results. I take the time and effort to do a good job, and I always do a layer of Kilz tinted with the Behr color so it makes a nicer finished effect. Anyhoo, I saw the name of this paint-- Swiss Coffee-- and nearly changed my mind about it-- are they so out of names that they have to use ones that suggest colors not remotely like the one they are selling? meh.

I'm back at Tole's place using a computer (and I forgot one particular bag when I left here last night). I may have internet set up right away, but I may not, so posting may be a bit spotty for the next handful of days. I need to snap some before and after photos.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for this week, but they said I'll be top of the heap for the job when it comes available again in a few months, so they are going to call me. I'm disappointed, but at least I have the temp job.

Will try to remember to snap some before and after photos. It's already looking so dramatically different that you won't quite get the full effect, but you'll definitely get an idea, anyhoo.

Will def. try to get a Puppy Sunday post up this week. The pups are besotted with the screen door-- the outside world is like television for dogs. WOOHOO! No doubt, they'll turn into porch potaters.
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