Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Squat That Rabbit - Taj Mahal

Loved seeing Taj in Dallas last year, but was bummed he didn't play this song- my favorite of his.

Busy day Monday. Early to bed. No time for bloggies. I've been seeing lots of bunnies around the countryside. All cottontails, no jacks. A little music, then, I think, and the inexplicable but delightfully pulpy text from the YouTube entry for this video:

I held the little automatic by the barrel end, and held it out to her, butt first, like a gentleman. I didn't think she'd notice the lighter weight and shift in balance of a gun with no bullets, but, you never know, psychotics have strange obsessions. She might be more of an expert on firearms than I was.

She carefully took the automatic with her little pink hand, smiled her childish idiot smile, and showed me her unnaturally white little teeth. She looked me up and down a couple of time, and then looked me in the eye, still smiling. She was clever, the cleverest person in the world, proud of herself. She had outsmarted the big dumb detective. She slowly backed away from me with a little sashay in her hips

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J.R.Shirley said...

Don't know what that's from, but it feels real.