Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm more accomplished than I realized...

From Gunblogger Conspiracy:

NinjaViking ouch
NinjaViking weather isn’t supposed to be like that
Salamander That one hail ball in the upper right looks like cookie monster lost an eye or something.
pdb “Ook het Waasland kreeg de volle laag. Vooral in Stekene en Sint-Gillis-Waas is er veel schade.”
pdb that’s not a real language!
pdb who are they kidding?
TNProgrammer bork bork bork bork!
NinjaViking Heh heh.
NinjaViking that’s flemish
xyankeeworkshop friggin Klingons
NinjaViking and no, it’s not a real language
TNProgrammer phlegmish?
David phlegmfatale has her own language?
NinjaViking it’s a bastard of english, danish, german and bewilderment



Cliff47 said...

Bewilderment?? Nah, couldn't be...adoration of and by puppies...definitely.

DBA Dude said...

Have a bunch of bananas and chill!