Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember Jack Horkheimer?

I'm having a great time watching the evenings light up with stars. I saw the first firefly of the year tonight, and I think he was a scout. I hope he'll be followed by millions of others.

The skies are amazing and I'm thrilled to be here every single morning and sunset and night.

I wish Jack Horkheimer was still doing updates on the night sky-- I could use his Cliff Notes version of what I'm looking at. Heck, maybe I'll learn something in spite of myself.

[OldGuy informed me Jack Horkheimer is still about-- there's hope for me, yet! YAYS! Check him out here.]


OldGuy said...

he's still kicking.. just weekly now.

Roscoe said...

Let me guess -- your PBS station put Star Gazer on right after "Red Dwarf" in order to round out the half hour.

If you're running Windows, this free program is hard to beat for basic star charts:

Old NFO said...

I hadn't thought of him in years! Thanks!

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

I love Jack! He was the best on PBS! I still keep track of his stuff on the web. That's the ONE thing I really mis about Arizona. The night skies were unbelievable!