Friday, May 22, 2009

be your dog's best fiend.

Yeah. Fiend.

From the land of Monsieur Guillotine comes this pet-warshing wossname. 30 minutes in this pet-spa contraption, and your pooch will be traumatized for life. Their fur will be sweet and clean, but they may lay a wet, sloppy trail of timber tearing out of this thing, and rightly so.

About a minute and a half into the video, they pop a cat in the warsh, and it looks plenty steamed, alright. I'm not so sure about this thingie. I'd probably feel guilty about the clothes tumbling in the dryer if I knew they were looking out at me, blaming me. Plotting.

Looks like I'll be sticking with the old-fashioned method-- pups jumping in the bathtub with me. *shrug*

h/t to Blowfuzzy von Saucy


HollyB said...

I felt sorry for the dawgs, what with them lookin' so betrayed.
The cat, OTOH, made me laugh so hard I tinkled in my panties. :)~

Rabbit said...

I can assure you that if the cat is not declawed, someone is losing flesh soon. I'd go so far as to say that if that's an indoor cat, I'd be sleeping behind a closed door from it for a long time.

On the other hand, I haven't seen a cat that energetic in some time.


Cliff47 said...

While I am not a cat person, I do feel for the poor critter. There are better ways to give a cat a bath, like using a large sponge and just stroking the cat from neck to tail(kinda like a LARGE tongue bath).

Mauser*Girl said...

What a STUPID invention.

The signs of stress in all of these dogs are pretty obvious - the lip-licking, "whale eye" looks, etc. I would never purposely put my dogs in a situation where they are this stressed just to wash them!

The cat ... well, cats generally react differently to water than dogs do, and my two positively act as if they're being murdered when it's bath time, but even so, I would be uncomfortable watching a cat in this thing.

rickn8or said...


And start putting your shoes on a high shelf, lest the cat "mistake" them for the litter box.

J.R.Shirley said...

I was a lot happier with the thing when the pet owner was in it with his dog.

As far as the cats it wrong that I started giggling when they turned the thing on?


Laura said...

every time i see this video i get angry. every. single. time.

i truly hope the cat mauls its owner for willingly putting it through that.