Sunday, July 20, 2008

When I arrived at the farm in Grayson county Saturday afternoon, this pup came spilling out onto the porch with a couple pups of another breed. They were playing and giggling as pups do, when one of the other dogs snuck up on the Jack Russell and she jumped straight up in the air and spun around midair to confront her attacker. Popcorn seemed a great name for her. Or Pop Tart. Or Pinball. But no, not quite right.
Yeah, so, it was mebbe 5 minutes later I told the breeder "yeah, I really want her, I'll take her if you'll let me," and thus was the deal made. I stayed for a while and got to meet her mother, a pretty female who very much resembled Valentine. Nice.
Back in the kitchen to sign the papers, I scooped up the wiggly pup again to pet her sweet self, and she nestled onto my shoulder and promptly went to sleep. I felt her limbs go soft and rubbery against my shoulder, and I knew this was the right thing to do. The breeder and her assistant marveled at the sight of a JRT calming down so instantly and dropping off to sleep when held by a stranger. Somehow, it seemed like a wonderful thing.
I misted up and cried a bit on the way home, but this time, my tears for the loss of Valentine were comingled with tears of joy that I'm starting a new adventure with this other marvelous little creature. I thought back to that cold winter night 17 years ago when doglet came home zipped up in my leather jacket, sleeping like a log and so very content- I had no idea that I had embarked upon a remarkable relationship. Now I know the gravity, and it's a big deal.
As for her pedigree, the breeder is researching it. The pedigree goes back 4 generations, and my dog would be probably at least 6 or 7 generations back. What is definitively known is that Valentine's father is in the bloodline of this pup, as is the male who sired Valentine's pups, so it's possible she is a descendant of Valentine, but at this point, it's moot. I fell in lurve, and I'm gonna keep her.
She's pretty and sparky, but she's also a power-napper. She slept the entire 90 minutes back to Dallas, and when we went into Canine Commissary on Mockingbird, she was the belle of the ball-- all the other customers were coming up and asking about her, oohing and aahing. Little charmer!
So, now I have the proud honor of presenting Miss Praline. Yes, another gooey/cutey-pie name from me, but she's like a tooth-ache-inducing lump of sticky-sweet goodness with a goodly helping of nuts thrown in for good measure. She's a funny pup, and loves (or indulges) lots of petting, even while she's asleep. In the past 10 hours, I've grinned and laughed more than the previous 3 weeks combined.
I'll try to post more and better pics during the day on Sunday.
It's good to have a dog in the house again.


Joe Allen said...


She looks like a real sweetheart.

She also looks like she could cause more trouble than a bucket full of snakes, but then that's half the fun, innit?

Praline is a perfect name!


phlegmfatale said...

joe allen - well, the photo from friday where she was biting someone's sock spoke volumes, but what I loved was the friday profile photo where she is clearly smiling. SHe IS really sweet, but I'm going to have to work with her extensively to govern her wild urges. Thanks - Praline just seemed to fit. I'm sure I'll come up with scores of variations and related nicknames.

"He's just this guy, you know?" said...

Awe... now thats just CUTE.

There's nothing like a fresh brand new Puppy to change your life. They are such a pleasure to be with, even though cleanup can be a bear.

I'm looking forward to the life story ahead.

breda said...

I am so happy for you! Praline is a great name, too!

HollyB said...

She looks ADORABLE! When do I get to meet her?
The Kobe Beef Tip lurves to play with puppies, bring her Tuesday.

And I hope you daved those "puppy pads" I brought you last month, they'll come in handy right about now.

Did she sleep on your shoulder last night?

Christina RN LMT said...

She's adorable, and you're both lucky to have found each other.

Praline is perfect, though I still do like "Bonbon"! (one of her nicknames, perhaps...?)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you. That lil squirt will bring you no end of joy. And it sounds like maybe you were put here to be a JRT's hooman.

Ann diPomazio said...

Congratulations! Praline is adorable.

Turk Turon said...

Praline sounds like the perfect pet!
Congratulations. To both of you!

JPG said...

I'm so verrry happy for you, Phlegmmy.

Praline HAS to be a great name for yon puppette: Overpoweringly sweet, kinda sticky, and prolly just nutty as one.

I'm looking forward to meeting her.


Bonnie said...

Awww...what a sweetheart! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

"Nougat" is the name that came to mind for me. That and "Taffy." Rhymes with Daffy and makes you laffy. Nougat and Taffy are both sweet and full of chewy goodness.

phlegmfatale said...

shrugged - you're right, even with cleanup duty- it's a delightful world of discovery with a puppy-- no one embraces the joy of life better than a puppy. There's a lesson in that. :)

breda - thanks, hon!

hollyb - Praline's gonna LURVE her Auntie Hols! I know you're going to spoil her like you did doglet, and that's a great thing! Yup, have pads at ready and I'll try to bring her with me Tuesday.

christina - I'm SO happy to have her! Truffle and Bonbon were both excellent names you suggested - we may use a bit of all-of-the-above, before it's over with!

myron - The JRT spirit speaks to me, apparently. I love their mercurial ability to alternate between extreme excitement and extreme relaxation- that's living!

rocket girl - Y'all will have to come over and meet her really soon!

turk turon - thanks! we're already having a ball!

jpg - Thanks so much, and thanks to you and Holly for all the support in these past trying weeks. A house that suddenly finds itself dogless is a tragic place. Looking forward to showing her off to you and her Auntie Hols!

squeaky wheel - she IS a sweetie-pie! Love your new avatar pic, btw- brainy beauty. Talented, too!

redneckinny - Nougat IS an excellent name for one of these dogs. Taffy,-- that's cute!
Plus, jrts are flexible and bendy like taffy! All good names for this type doggie!

Buck said...

Congrats! Praline is a good looking lil pup!

Anonymous said...

You look like you're the perfect pair! It was meant to be and I wish you lots of memories and happy trails ahead.


Meg said...

On another note... Do enlighten me on the Mattel vs Bratz saga, if you're so inclined...

Home on the Range said...

I am SO happy you made this step. Not as a replacement for a beloved pet that's gone, but the start of a new adventure for both of you.


Thud said...

congratulations!..I don't have a dog but whilst over here princess OTW is taking every advantage of vinogirls dogs...much to the dogs discomfit...brave critturs though they are.

g bro said...

What a pretty puppy!

Kelly said...

I *lurve* her and cannot wait to meet lil Miss Praline!

I'm sooooooo glad you went and got her.

Congratulations, dearie!

Anonymous said...

Is it not great to be owned by a young puppy? Just how long do you figure it will take her to have you fully trained.

Beautiful conformation on Praline, kinda reminds me of a Pom mix that owned me for about four years. That dog loved to be bathed in the tub, but would not stand still to be dried with a towel, go figure.

B said...

You did it again. I'm sitting in my underwear at 8 in the morning weeping in front of my computer.
ps-my cat freaks out when I'm in the shower/tub as well. We started saying "show-mow?" whevever we want to invite him in and he loves the water. maybe a jrt at heart?

SpeakerTweaker said...

Oh, Miss Phlegmmy! I am SO happy for the both of you!

It warms my heart to see you on the mend in the canine department. I hope Miss Praline is everything you want and need in a pup.