Sunday, July 06, 2008

The sellers decided to go with the cash bidder for their house. They said they would prefer to sell to me, but were eager to close the transaction more quickly than I could have, and they also were fearful that it wouldn't pass the inspection for my financing.

I'm disappointed, but I understand, and I expect it's all for the best. At least I had the paperwork and flurry of faxes with which to interrupt Tuesday's would-have-been perpetual crying jag. That's also the first time I've written and submitted an offer in attempt to buy a house for myself, so I'll be ready next time.

Did you know you can do that, too? I think anyone in Texas can download a pdf of the contract from the TREC(TX real estate commission) site and submit it for themselves, and it's not incredibly difficult. The only kind of tricky part is the legal description of the property, which you need to make absolutely certain you have correct, that being the block and lot(s) of the property. For example, if the property has a double-lot, then you need to be sure you name both lots on the legal line.

Anyhoo. If anyone hears of a great deal on a little house at least an hour or two from Dallas, drop me a line. Something else will come along.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get it. But persevere. Your house is out there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the house. You'll have the perfect one, meant just for you,one day.

I never found out your blood type? ;-)

g bro said...

I'm sorry, La P. The next one will be better.

Buck said...

I'm sorry for the disappointment, too, Phlegmmy. But as others said (and you know), your perfect house is out there... just waiting for you to find it!

HollyB said...

I'll add my sympathetic comments. You know YOUR house was just testing you with this house. Putting you through a test run, so to speak.
I'll talk to oyu in the later to bed with my tired self now.