Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm a bit olfactory sensitive, I must say.
I'm offended, for example, that dishwashing liquid should come in ANY scent-- I mean, if the goal is that my dishes will be clean of any grime or soap, then WHY oh WHY would I want them to smell like lemons or sunflowers or green apples? This drives me to distraction.

THAT said, I am, in fact, a bit of a scent whore. I tend to prefer exotic, spicy scents more commonly preferred by European women, versus the tame, lame overly-saccharine scents favored by American women. Yuck. Boring.

it was with tremendous excitement that I learned from my friend Kelly (Ordinary Girl) of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and their cruel garden of dark delights. Can't wait to try these on for sighs.

Seriously, I'm all aquiver. They have scent families based on works of Neil Gaiman (can you feature it?!!!), Mad Tea Party, Steamworks for the Steampunk set, and other fragrance groups too fierce to mention.

I'll give a full report when I've investigated further...


Liz said...

I think I have failed you. I've known about these people for years. They have some gooooood smelling stuff ;>

breda said...

I've known about them too! Get "O", definitely. Here's the description: "The scent of sexual obsession, slavery to sensual pleasure, and the undercurrent of innocence defiled utterly. Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla." Need I say more?

Make sure to check out avaluxe, dshperfumes, and cbihateperfume, too!

Tam said...

Guess who, sitting at the other desk, let out a huge Squeeee! when she saw "Steamworks".

Three guesses; first two don't count.

phlegmfatale said...

liz - what else have you been keeping from me all these years???

breda - COOLNESS! Can't wait to try them!

tam - I feel ya!