Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let me know if you get sick of target pictures.

Oh-- wait! This is my blog, right? Never mind.

So, I went to the range and was graciously loaned the Ruger mark II I used for the competition on Sunday. The first photo is the first 4 magazines I shot, warming up. Some of it is a little sloppy-ish, but I'm pretty happy with this bunch. This was about 7 yards.

Next group was also at 7 yards. I did a couple magazines in the Ruger, and then he let me shoot something of Belgian manufacture, made for the Argentinian (army? police? Sorry - dim bulb syndrome strikes) and it was made in 1961. Coolness. It had a lot more recoil and you can see the holes are significantly larger than the .22 freckles. I was really happy with this group. You can see the steel plate beyond the target, too, and it was nice to hear the plink as my shots sailed through the cardboard to the steel beyond.

More shooty goodness. Good times.

6 comments: said...

Love the happy little fellow on the bottom!

phlegmfatale said...

Ha! I didn't notice that before. He's a dancer!

Dedicated_Dad said...




JPG said...

Good shootin', sis.

I'll engage in some half-logical deduction here: If you were shooting the Ruger about which I'm thinking, then chances are, the Belgian/Argentinian pistola you mention is an FM 9mm Hi Power. If so, you are indeed gifted, being able to shoot the big niner mike-mike even better than you can the nifty .22.

I just learned from H. that she has the .22/.32 Kit Gun in her shooting bag. I intended that she award you temporary custody of same, so you can practice with an S&W two-inch, more reasonably than shooting your .38. It has the side benefit of being almost spookily accurate, even at longer ranges. Short barrel, yes. Short sight radius, yes. But there's something almost magical about it, and has been, for about 36 years. At least, it works that way for Matt and me.

Keep up the good work!

J.R.Shirley said...

VERY nice grouping there. Great job!

NotClauswitz said...

Sometimes bigger guns are easier to shoot, the weight helps absorb recoil and the holes are easier to see. Nice!