Saturday, May 24, 2008

Okay, you really DON'T need to see my mess, but I'm doing this so I can show myself I've achieved something. Saturday after Holly went home, I set to organizing the stuff from my studio, which is on these 3 booksheves and in all these boxes. I've pulled a lot of stuff out for Goodwill, and other boxes have been consolidated.
I've been saying for weeks that I'm trying to get back into production, but work has been so hectic and so many things have cropped up that have demanded my attention. Anyway, I'm getting very very close, which is exciting. Still lots to sort through and to organize, but at least with a few hours' concentrated effort, there is measureable improvement in the chaos. I'm hopeful you can tell which is the "before" and which is "after."


Carteach said...

My own 'space' has devolved into two rooms and a storage area. It seems small, but comforting in it's own way. One thing I seriously miss... my workshop, and hand loading. I've been thinking of putting together a small portable kit of the essentials.

I really miss doing that.

B said...

1. what is that large curved object atop the stack to the right in both pictures? It looks like a mammoth jaw bone.
2. that is a TOTALLY RAD little chair!

HollyB said...

You made AWESOME progress. BRAVA!