Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Things are coming together nicely at Rancho la Phlegm. I cleared a large area of the floor Tuesday morning (boxes for goodwill) and after my shower, I dropped the towels and things from the bath over the banister down to the concrete floor below to put in the wash. I looked down first to make sure I didn't bean the little barbwire pineapple with a sodden towel, NOT that her blind-and-deaf arse would have noticed, and as I looked down, I saw a curious shape on the floor, much like a handlebar moustache, dark or black in color. Hmmm. Wot's that? I didn't recall leaving anything on the floor. Turns out, Miss Buns has had some decorating ideers of her own, and has pretensions of "aroma stylist" at an impressive number of parts-per-million. She can alter the olfactory profile with lightning speed, I must say. I should buy stock in the company that makes Brawny paper towels. I've been through an entire roll since Saturday.

Here's a pic of teh LOLDOGLET on the sofa, which I've be-cutened with an old bedspread. Lordy, but she does work hard trying to herd me, to no avail, and it just wears her old carcass out.

Sunday afternoon I wasn't feeling great but I decided to go and work on my back yard. I have a wrought-iron fence which she could easily slip through, so I put up hardware cloth with zip-ties.(I LOVE zip-ties - they're just the coolest!) Got the whole thing fenced in so that I could let her out off her leash. The first time I opened the door and beckoned her out, she wouldn't go out until I did. Then she came out, and instead of going downstairs to ground level, she went to the edge of the deck and peed through the crack and onto the air-conditioning unit. Seems the air in my place is destined to smell of pee or poop. *le sigh*


Christina RN LMT said...

Awwwwww, how sweet! Doglet just wants to do her part to make the new place seem like home...;)

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

oh what we doody do for our ani-mules!!
I'm a big fan of "Out" odor neutralizer....( available in the pet section at your local whatever-Mart!)

Rabbit said...

Odo-Ban is particularly effective, too. Seen it at WallyWorld and in bulk at Sam's. I buy the gallon size. It works great in the carpet cleaner and I use it with the occasional towel that gets pulled into the litter box.

Um..shouldn't that ratio be parts-per part, rather than parts-per-million, if Val is anything like Daisy when she gets gassy?


phlegmfatale said...

christina - yes, it's so nice of her to help out! :P

schnoobie - yes, we are devoted, indeed!

rabbit - will try the odoban. parts-per-part is actually quite apt and brilliant. yes. yes. profound.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She just wants to help decorate!

g bro said...

That's a cute little old puppy.

Anonymous said...

Teh Doglet iz making sure evryone noes teh Doglet iz heer.

Lin said...

I second the Odo-Ban recommendation.

That is a lovely color wash of sensual faded black rose in that photo. It was one of my former most inspiring hues - BEFORE Ms. Sally forebade me to use it in the Southwest, that is. She poop-canned a lot of my favorite colors actually ... that lil style Hitleroid.

Unknown said...

Hahaha -- sorry I had to laugh at your dog's ability to "target." Someone along our daily dog walk route has a sign up in front of his flowers with a dog pooping and a big "no" across it, so Reese goes and pees on the damn thing.

Glad to hear that you're doing well in your new place!