Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Friday.

Tuesday the intarw3bz was installed, and that evening I bought a power strip/surge protector which I finally got 'round to prugging in on Thursday night so I could finally have enough outlets to have sound. So I sashayed over to yootoob where I found this dusky gem:

What could be more metal than cellos?
I can't think of a thing. Very sexy instrument, that.

Anyhoo, this woman is Nina Hagen, right? Call me nutty, but I think she looks better than ever, and I just LOVE that thing she's doing with her hair. I have always loved her crazy energy, and her sublime flair for drama perfectly suits this setting. But what's up with them skull boobies? Not something I'd want to see/hear every day, but good for oncet in a while...

The following video, OTOH, should never be watched by anyone, but I can't help myself:


Thud said...

I always liked Nina Hagen...she is seriously crazy though.

Christina RN LMT said...

Of course, you ARE aware that that's Nina Hagen's cover of a Rammstein song, right?! My favorite band...:)
And you remember I have issues with Nina, on a personal level, right?
She is pretty kick-ass, though. And she can sing so low, impressive.

As for the other fella? I made it to the second "dit-dit-doo" before lunging for my mouse to click the "pause" button!

g bro said...

You had me at "skull boobies." Never saw Nina Hagen until now. Thanks.

phlegmfatale said...

thud - well, she seems to be really enjoying herself, and I support that effort

christina - No, I wasn't aware, but it's obviously a well-written song. I even remembered a few German words "komm" "mein" "boot" "sehnsucht" and "kalt" and a few others here and there. I really should have worked harder - German is such a beautiful language, and the very best one for singing.
Refresh me on your Nina Hagen issues? I can sing as low as she can - dramatic range, baby.

As for that other fella, just because I'm a masochist, I could only take watching it 4 or 5 times, but I've a whole day ahead of me, and I'm apt to quadruple that, because I need to suffer! It's a marvel to me that his tone-deaf singing is almost out-stripped by his tone-deaf strumming. egads!

g bro - Skull boobage was totally 3-D, yeah? As boobs (and skulls) should be, I spose. She's a hoot. She was a sensation in the early 80s - sort of opera punk from Germany. I think she's adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm with g bro. I read skull boobies and thought this has to be good. And it is. the other poor guy? Did you read the one comment? I tend to agree with that commenter. And I'll tell him what he can do better. Leave the guitar in the fuckin' case and don't ever sing again.

HollyB said...

I think the skull boobies, well, the entire frontal skull motif, is perfect symbolism for a modern-day Circe, luring a Sailor to his death on the rocks with her Siren Song.
I abso LURVE me all them Cellists gettin down with their pizzicati selves. too. Pick them fiddles, y'all! YEE-HAWWW.
Got Strings?
Now if they'd just has a couple of Doghouse bassi in there for an UBER Kewl effect...

Buck said...

The first thing I thought was "Kronos Quartet" as I clicked the vid and then began to read. Nice, that, even though I was wrong. I kinda-sorta remember Hagen from the 80s.

As for the second vid... the guy sure ain't Roger Miller, but I found the performance fascinating, in a strange (very!) sort of way.

Christina RN LMT said...

Nina Hagen blew me and a friend of mine TOTALLY off, when we were all at the same Italian restaurant in Berlin. I guess in 87/88? What ticked me off the most is that I had JUST seen her in an interview on tv, telling the reporter how much she loved her fans, and how very, very important to her they were...yeah, right!

Re: the video; I love how she opens her eyes soooo wide when she says, "Mit Traenen im Gesicht." (With tears on my face.) She is slightly freaky.

My range is pretty huge, as well. I guess technically I'm a mezzo. Love the looooow, throbbing notes!