Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday Drivers?
Monday night chat with Christina & Holly

Phlegm: go look at the pic i just sent you
Christina: Wow, talk about road-rash waiting to happen!
Phlegm: That person on the right is a MAN, baby! and so is the creature on the pink vespa.
Christina: WTF?!?
Christina: Are you serious?
Holly: That was a MAN?
Phlegm: yup. two mens.
Christina: Not by my definition
Phlegm: he was SUCH a xxxx, too - could barely stay upright,
Holly: But surely the Vespa has on short shorts?
Phlegm: looked drunk, frankly
Phlegm: it was a sight.
Christina: Probably has moobies, too
Phlegm: hell - he prolly had a Mangina
Phlegm: i tried to contain myself and act casual so I could get away with snapping the photo.
Christina: I'd like to see THEM go into a biker bar!
Phlegm: It wouldn't be pretty
Holly: Mangina? I have never heard of one of those...do postops have those?
Phlegm: no ideer. I don't know. Don't wanna know.
Holly: Did you make that word up?
Phlegm: I don't think so. Surely I've heard that somewhere before?
Phlegm: by the way, this whole convo must go on the blog, don't you think?
Holly: It's great...I've never heard it..but like Christina's friend's saying about push up bras...I'm using it
Christina: Cool!
Phlegm: YAYS! My next post is written!


Anonymous said...


I have heard of " mangina" before and rolled with laughter.

That's one three-way I wish I could have been involved in.

Those bare legs are an accident waiting to happen.

Christina RN LMT said...

And the scary thing is, this excerpt is truly just the tip of the iceberg of our chat...;)

breda said...

I need to sign up for that chat thingie.

Rabbit said...

That settles it.

I've been thinking about buying another motorcycle, but the possibility always existed that I'd buy a scooter. of course, it wouldn't be an 'ordinary' scooter- it would be a Q-ship scooter, hiding a lot more performance than one ever expected. Hotrodded, if you will(I know, there's a pun in there somewhere; probably several, upon reflection). Now that you've put that out as an example of smooth, urbane scooterists, I can see now that any 2-wheeler I'm going to ride must be black and it must have flames. It also must be loud. And fast. With an engine that is bigger than a breadbox.

That's ok, I'm comfortably waaaaay hetero. I've got my trail of conquests and nubile broken hearts behind me. I thought for a moment I was ruined. I could ride a moped. Maybe. If I had to. I guess.

I just wouldn't wear shorts or be seen on it.


Thud said...

A scooter outside of Italy or not driven by a 60's mod is a sad sight to behold.

Buck said...

Dang. I despise scooters of all stripes... being the unstable, dangerous, and terminally-cute things they are. But this? Ow... I'm speechless.

B said...

did you touch upon the issue of vag-omachs, by chance?

Anonymous said...

...."they be ridin, you hatin"....hahahaha

Lin said...

I'm with Buck! If you EVER see me on a scooter, please do the kind thing and off me on the spot like a horse with a broken leg, okay? I can accept senility and dementia ONLY if it does not involve the depths of dweebitude.

Roberta X said...

Hey! --Not all scooter-riders are that dweebish, y'know. Some are even gurrrls.

...An' if you think 10" wheels at 55 mph doesn't take A) moderate courge and a little skill plus B) actual proper riding garb, think again.

Ijits in shorts and flipflops on two-wheeled, motorized vehicles are ijits; their scoots may or may not be cr@p.

Roberta X, she of the 250#, 145 cc, 4-stroke, 4-speed manual-transmission Bajaj Chetak.

Assrot said...

Nope you didn't make it up. Mangina has been around since my college days at least. It's what you see when a really fat dude with a very short manhood shows you when he drops his drawers.

It's enough to make a real man puke.

I'm just sayin...



FHB said...

Good God.