Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday was a hoot.
Holly threw a birthday wingding for her lovely husband JPG, and a lot of fine folks showed up.

I arrived about a half hour early, and Holly and JPG were already there with Holly's daughter and son who, after much begging from me and Holly and some strong urging from the birthday boy, finally sang the Dodi al Fayed song for us. I was thrilled, having earlier been delighted by the story Hols told of when the whole Lady Di crash thing happened, her kids came up with this Dodi al Fayed chant. It was hilarious.

Various relatives and friends showed up. Rabbit, he of the pithy comment, was there and he's every bit the rapier wit in person that he is in pixels. He's a hoot. Some people I've recently met from the gun range showed up. At one point, a couple people were showing pets and family on their cell phones. They had all these adorable pictures and I went to pick up my cell phone and then realized I had no pictures of loved ones. Then I showed the gun club president and her husband the dead body on Ervay street photo I had. They cooed and intoned their approval. This was the Kodak moment Norman Rockwell forgot to paint.

Anyhoo, Matt G and his adorable family arrived and it was funny to see him in the flesh. I was quickly engrossed in convo with his wife about her ceramics and about glass bead making. I'm going to keep begging her to collaborate with me on some jewelry. Their girls are gorgeous, smart things, and I complimented the eldest on her Barbie-shooting skills, and the youngest displayed a mouth freshly denuded of several prominent teeth, and I urged her to become a dentist. Later, Matt said "you're phlegmmy?" I said I am, and he said he thought I'd be older, that I write like an older person. I think that perception may have been fueled by the bad puns I trot out well past their sell-by dates.

Anyway, today is JPG's birthday, and I wish him a very happy one and many, many more. Thanks for all your kind help and the shooty sessions. It's an honour to know you, Sir, and with the possible exception of a few critters in the world, I'll bet you're a hero to everyone who knows you. You certainly are to me.

Cheers, m'dear!


Anonymous said...

Holly and Johnny are a hoot to be around so I can imagine having the "kids" around was nice as well.

I have just returned from Flo's, where a time was had by us all. We got to meet another blogger( not on your list). It was one of those "what happens in Kansas City stays in Kansas City" type deals. I'll have to let them blog about what they want to tell. LOL

You always have a good time and deserve it.;)

staghounds said...

I would think being named after a picture storage program would be trying. Though it probably makes him safe from that google search by blind dates...

J.R.Shirley said...

Good people, indeed. Wish I could've been there, but then, it was Jordy's graduation ceremony...

Rabbit said...

Agreed. It was a wonderful afternoon and I enjoyed it immensely. Sorry I missed the singing.

John, your gift was a tremendous hit, to be sure. Matt demonstrated the mustard sauce and teared up a little as the seconds progressed. 'It gets warmer toward the back of your throat' was his comment, IIRC.

BTW, the Art of Chili is unfortunately not measured in Scoville units. We heard about yours.

Since I don't have offspring, I do carry dog and cat pics, Phlegmmy (now I'm embarrassed). At least I showed you the likeness of the wife.


JPG said...

It's always interesting to read a blog by someone (outside immediate family) with whom I'm personally acquainted. That's doubly true when the topic is activity that happened while I was present. #*grin*#

As I went to write that first sentence, I was unsure of the useage, WHO or WHOM. I asked my DB and she said, "Why don't you phone and ask your step-daughter the English Minor?" A good suggestion, and not at all invalidated by the fact that I was one of those myownself. I am occasionally reminded, though, even by those dear to me, "Da-aad, the English language had evolved some since you were in school."

Harrumphf. It's only been about twen--, uh, thir--, ERK! okay, a few decades since that other bright May afternoon . . . .

So - - Holly's Darlin' Dotter agreed with me, it just SOUNDS better to use "whom" in this instance. I was ashamed that I couldn't recall the grammatical rule, and it turns out, neither can she. Do any of y'all know? I'm thinking that, if it has something to do with that word being the object of the verb's action, it's whoM.

Anyway, I really appreciate your kind words. It was grand to see you at my PARR-tee. And all thanks for Holly's organizing it, and to the other friends who didn't think that park parties with balloons and ice cream cake are only for young kids.

As the late Allen Wayne Damron used to say, "Growing old may be mandatory, but growing UP is optional."


Christina RN LMT said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! Good deal.