Monday, February 18, 2008

From Mark over at Talk Radio Blogger I found out about this really cool typing quiz:

92 words

Touch Typing

I used to be really fast at typing. I still have fair manual dexterity, but, ya know... I got all excited when it came up 92 wpm, so I did it again but got all spazzy and froze up, and promptly flopped down to 72wpm. Meh.
Sunday I went three places in a row (two retail, one a restaurant) and heard Natalie Merchant songs in each place. I like some of her stuff, but mostly, I get sick of the holier-than-thou adenoidal preaching. Her buddy the pansexual Michael Stipe wore out his welcome with me in the same way. I listen to lots of artists with whom I may differ politically, but I reserve the right to ignore the message if the music has other edifying qualities. Picking through markdown towels at Storegasm™, the last thing I want to hear is some sanctimonious gasbag bleating on about child abuse. Frankly, stores make me want to abuse the parents of squalling, snotty little brats, so back off with the ham-fisted heavy routine, already, Natalie.


Buck said...

I didn't even try the typing test. There are some things in life you inherently know and which don't require embarrassing confirmation.

That said: I AM quite possibly among the world's fastest "three-fingers + a thumb" typists. I never learned touch-typing, which is kinda strange for a guy who used to write for a living once upon a time (technical, not creative. Obviously.). I've always envied touch-typists, tho. What I could've done with 92 wpm! said...

I hit 44...I think I got near 70 back in typing class in '64!

NotClauswitz said...

I took typing in HS and did pretty miserably, took it again through Work at the BigPrivateLeftCoastUniversity as a Employee-Training thing to improve my skillz - not!
I can't look away from the keys and touch type without taking Dramamine or something - it makes me nauseous and sweaty. Ick.

Lin said...

You got over 30 WPM?!?! I am seriously envious here. I remember the test I took would discount 1 WPM for every mistake. Totally demoralizing - I owed THEM many, many WPM at the end of it!!