Friday, February 15, 2008

Watching the trailer for the new Indiana Jones movie reminded me of this toothsome bit of snarkery over at

I'd like to see a TV documentary on those ancient civilisations whose main legacy to the modern world are vast, complex networks of booby-trapped underground caverns, of the type so often discovered by the likes of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. There are so many unanswered questions: How did they become so technologically advanced? What was the significance in their religious belief system of the elaborate booby-trap and of killing people thousands of years after their civilisation itself had died? How long was the apprenticeship to become a master booby-trap maker? Did they progress from making 'fire-once' booby-traps to making those which could slaughter multiple victims over a period of time? How did they test the booby-traps?

That's exactly what I wondered-- figured they must have invented the re-set button millennia before the advent of Pong. Go here to see these and other engaging questions on booby-trapping civilisations and a lively discussion of same. Fun.


Anonymous said...

Love that Hollywood can entertain us like they do with the series of Indiana Jones.

Funny comments!

Z said...

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NotClauswitz said...

Uh, it's because they shared the arcane knowledges of Nostradamus and knew that the Messiah, Steven Spielberg, would come to rescue them?

HollyB said...

I'm with you!
If they were so damned advanced...why couldn't they defeat the Arabs, or Conquistadors, or Crusadrer, or who the Foxtrot ever it was that conquered and wiped out their technologically advanced civilization?

Or...did you think about this? It was the Aliens in hte CHariots of the Gods who designed all those booby traps? NOT the simple minded natives who worshiped the aliens.
Hunh? Didya think about that?

none said...

I've often wondered the same thing.

Kelly said...

oh, so you are alive???

I've been wondering...

alphonsedamoose said...

Everyone knows it was the people from the "LOST" city of Atlantis. Think about it. If you have the capability to hide an entire civilization, what's a few booby-traps?