Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not to in any way impugn the noble art of the Domina, but what kind of a dirtbag do you have to be to set off the alarm bells in the head of a professional Dominatrix? You'd have to be someone like San Francisco radio talk-show host Bernie Ward.

Here are a couple salvos from his golden cannon of wisdom(via Wikipedia):

On September 30, 2002, Ward appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and discussed possible military action against Iraq. He commented regarding Saddam Hussein by stating that, "Hussein has not shown any threat to anyone," and that the "Kurds were prospering very well in the north even as al Qaeda has used some of their connections with the Kurds."

Rocket surgeon, he ain't.

I'll not abuse your sensibilities by reprinting the ghastly dialogue documented in his indictment. I will say, though, that considering he is not to have unsupervised contact with children other than his own, and given that the subject of his online sexual discussions was often sexual encounters with his own children, I wonder that his children have not been taken away from him? After all, anyone else in the country would be clapped into legirons at the merest suggestion of interfering with their own children.

Could it be that as an admired mouthpiece (or would that be "tool?") of the west coast liberal media, that he sort of gets a pass on erotic musings about children?

I'm also noticing this indictment was handed down in December, yet it's just now filtering out to all and sundry. I'm just saying if Bernie Ward did what he's accused of doing, and if he'd been a conservative, he would already have been lynched. Not so long ago, you couldn't hear yourself think above the hue and cry of the bawling calf that is the mainstream media in the throes of moral outrage over two grown men (one, a conservative! Bad man! Bad man!) playing footsie under a bathroom stall divider.

I'm bloody sick of the double standard.


Anonymous said...

OMG, this guy really sounds like a monster. I don't understand how he could even be with his own children. I know in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty,but this guy sure the shit sounds guilty to me.

I'm bloody sick of the double standard to.

Anonymous said...

This bastard deserves a place in Caina.

Buck said...

I see Ward's using the Pete Townshend defense, but I just don't think he's gonna pull it off... not after reading all that stuff at the link. His agent really cracked me up with her inference that the "Bush administration" might be behind it all. Then again, this is SFO we're talking about, right?