Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lin sent me this some time ago, and I've meant to post it, but it's just not been the right day until today.

Saturday I went to Luby's to have some vegetables for lunch, and at one point, there was a loud percussive "POP" near the front of the dining room and all conversation immediately ceased. Suddenly, a small boy--maybe 3 years old-- began to cry. Standing next to him was a little girl with a balloon, and it was easy to surmise that his balloon had just popped. The room remained silent. There was a long line for the cash register, but the cashier stood up and walked over to the bundle of fresh balloons, pulled one from the bouquet and walked it over to the little boy. No one in the register line seemed to mind or to be impatient. Slowly, the hum of conversation and the tink of cutlery on plates again filled the air. I wondered how many people like me thought of that day in 1991 in a Killeen Luby's where this woman's parents were murdered by a lunatic. I wonder how many people, like me, said a silent thank you under their breath that the sound we heard was a balloon popping, and not something more sinister.

However, unlike all those years ago, I would put good money on the likelihood of some of today's fellow Luby's patrons packing heat and doing so legally, and I call that a beautiful thing.


Christina RN LMT said...

Hear, hear, Phlegm!

Xavier said...

How I wish that there were more, higher quality Suzanna Hupp videoas to circulate.

DBA Dude said...

At least something good arose from the ashes of this tragedy.

John R said...

It is good to see that video continue to get play. Out of this tragedy came Texas's shall issue CHL law, a law sponsored by Suzanna Hupp. Suzanna Hupp continues to be pro-active in advancing our RKBA's.

Contrast that to Colin Goddard, a VA Tech victim. Colin, and his father, are joining with the anti's and attempting to further restrict our right to defend ourselves.

One of these folks is a hero, and one a coward.

John R said...

"...I would put good money on the likelihood of some of today's fellow Luby's patrons packing heat and doing so legally,"

And you were not? :)

V is taking her CHL class next weekend, I am sure they have an extra seat open...

breda said...

the woman testifying - what a heroine!

And phlegmmy - I am getting my CCW this year - join me?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wish it was always just the sound of a balloon popping.

Rabbit said...

So, when were you getting that CHL again?

I'm wrapping up the weekend chores early today so SWMBO and I can hit the range. Should be pretty empty because of The Big Game.


Buck said...

Wow. Powerful video, that. I'd never heard of Ms. Hupp before (yeah. see: rock, live under) but I googled her and am now up to speed. We absolutely, positively need more people like her.

Thanks for that, Phlegmmy.

phlegmfatale said...

I think I hit the wrong button on the comment moderation thingie?

The ever-wise Tam said:
zomg how did I miss this post?

You hadn't seen it before? Isn't it the greatest?

As you can probably guess, I have had it saved to my hard drive for, like, ever. If I'd known, I'd have mailed you the file!

phlegmfatale said...

xavier - I've seen other videos of her, but this was my favorite, and the one I found most compelling. Was most grateful to the lovely Lin for passing it along

dba dude - we pay a high price for this awareness, but if something can jolt us out of complacency, we need to have the wisdom to recognize it!

jr - your final sentence said it all. At some point, we all need to stand up and take responsibility

breda - I'm right there with you

barbara - I can understand that sentiment

rabbit - I'm working on it at this very moment

buck - I'm happy to make a teeny step at spreading the word.

Tam - I've seen OTHER videos of her, all moving, but this was to me the most compelling, and I especially love a woman with the temerity to tell it like it is in so public a forum and directly to those who would oppress us of our freedoms