Friday, December 01, 2006

OK, swans have got to be one of the most overly-photographed, clichéd things a new camera enthusiast could obsess over, but when the blustery winter weather hit today, I HAD to run out with my camera and get some snaps. I don't have a program on the pc where I can really mess around with and give alternate realities of images yet, but suffice to say that I'd like to give the water a chrome-like effect. I'll get there...

These swans were total hams, making like hogs for the camera. Rudely, for their all their comely posing, I offered nary a crumb of bread in exchange. Tomorrow I'll probably pick some up for them and run it by - don't want them to become aloof to the siren call of budding photographers in future, do we?

I wish we had more of a proper winter like this more of the time. I know Dallasites can't drive for beans on ice-slicked roadways, but the cold weather is nice and good weather to curl up with a good book. Doglet is my little furry hot-water-bottle, so who could ask for more? Tonight was the first time in the evening I've had a chance to read other than right at bed time. I pulled it over by the fire and hunkered down in my favorite $10 Thirft Town green velvet 1970s thunder-pimp chair and read a goodly bit of Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I haven't had much time for reading in recent months, but I've been stringing this one out for about 6 weeks so far, and I'm only about 269 pages in - it's so beautifully written and such a brilliant character study that this is truly one to savor.

There was an incredible line I'll share with you. This is sometime after the Civil War and in the absence of the sheriff, the deputy in Fort Smith (Arkansas), Roscoe, is being harrassed by a couple of pushy busybody citizens demanding he take action. Mr. McMurtry writes:

That was such a radical thought that merely trying to think it gave Roscoe the beginnings of a headache.

I found that passage particularly delicious, as I often feel that other people are giving me the beginnings of a headache!

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow. Stay bundled up and warm, folks!


Tickersoid said...

The swans in Cardiff are overwhealmed with bread. It just bounces off them with no reaction whatsoever. To them it's just more polution.

Anonymous said...

great blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, other people's demands often give me a headache,too!
And there are few things better than a warm beverage, a good book, and a warm dog in front of a fire on a cold, icy day.
Thanks for the nice pics. Now go feed those Swans. Every model gets a fee.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sympathize at only being able to read at bedtime. Sometimes I get a whole 2 paragraphs read!

I wish you a cozy weekend of book reading, after all your concert going extravaganzas lately.

Anonymous said...

Was it the robot in Hitchikers Guide that said "I get a headache thinking down to your level"... Marvin, me that depressed robot.

Zelda said...

I love Larry McMurtry. I started reading him when I was about 16 or 17 and I've read a great number of his books. But I need to re-read him now that I have a sense of humor and irony.

FHB said...

We used to live on the southwest side of Fort Worth, in a neighborhood called Candleridge. The central feature of the area is a little tank called French Lake. We used to walk around it with our dog and cat, and the ducks would come out and honk for bread. We found one with a frozen wing one winter. It had gotten stuck somehow and one wing was stuck together. Sad little sucker. We took it home and warmed it up in the garage. It shit everywhere. Eventually took it back. They build nests in the hedges around all the houses along the lake. You have to be careful driving by there and they make a huge mess, but people love them.

McMurtry is brilliant. Loved reading Horseman Pass By, which was made into the movie Hud back in the 60s. They cleaned the story up considerably for the screen. You should give it a try. A short quick one. I'm about 1/3rd of the way through Cormac McCarthy's No Country For Old Men, which is a kick ass story with amazing characters. Check it out.

And the thing about the weather, if it would just snow, people would be fine on the road. Dry snow is ok to drive on. It's the slush that turns to ice that fucks people up.

phlegmfatale said...

tickersoid - so they can afford to be picky? Nice to have happy swans about the place.

east of oregon - thanks! I love blogging.

hollyb - in your line of work, especially, I'll bet! Yup, the finer things of life!

barbara - thanks! Yeah, it's weird when you're very engrossed in the story and yet your eyelids keep shutting or you realize you've read the same line 5 times - time to turn out the light.

anonymous - Yeah! Exactly! I loved the depressed robot, too.

zelda - he is amazing. He has a new chick-lit book out that I bought, but haven't cracked open. He's brilliant. It's funny, but I started of disliking the intensely chatty Gus, but now I see the humor and grace behind his character - I LOVE that guy.

fathairybastard - Good for y'all for helping the frozen-winged duck - you probably saved a life, for all the poop clean up you had to do.

I LOVE the film, and I LOVE Patricia Neal who won the academy award for best actress on that film - brilliant, but yes, they had to be more subtle with the rape stuff for the film, just like A Streetcar Named Desire. Hud was a vile character, and Paul Newman did a good job. I'll check out the McCarthy.
You're right about driving on snow vs. driving on ice. Goobers.

Meg said...

Sounds like a fantastic book - say, post a pic of your chair, too, PLEEEEEZE?

Maven said...

Great picture!

karen said...

Wow i love that red and yellow pic of the swan, it's brilliant. You should get it printed on a huge canvas.

Anonymous said...

I love the description of your chair so much, I really want one.

Alas, I'll have to make do with my 25-year-old trailer-park-trash livingroom set passed down from my folks.

Great blog you've got here...I'll be back.