Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ah, life has a way of running in circles.

You know how I posted that thing about mother-in-law's driving neuroses yesterday?

In the oddest sort of coincidence, last night Husband told me that his mother wants to go to California to see her grandchildren in May. I told him it would take her a month to drive there if she didn't get on an expressway at some point or other. He said she wants him to go with her as passenger while she drives there. I didn't ask, but strongly suspect I wasn't invited for this little foray.

One really odd thing is that she is deathly afraid of non-white people and indeed will make great loops around sections of town where the population isn't predominantly white. I can't imagine how she's getting to California, unless she drives up to Canada and then down along the Pacific Coast. On back roads, I'm figuring that'll be more like 3 months. Anyhoo.
Not my problem.
Not going to be my problem.

But I reserve the right to giggle at it.


Just Another Old Geezer said...

Where in California? Trying to avoid non-whites in some parts of California is impossible. And, even in parts of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Maybe your husband can give her enough prozac so she is sooooo relaxed he has to drive. And giggle you shall.

Anonymous said...

I think you can count your blessing you weren't invited. Like Myron says, getting there is one thing - avoiding the likes of moi in some parts of California is another... Well, you could go along and blog about the journey and we can all have fun.

I'm not sure if Prozac is over-the-counter in the US, but night-time cold medicine would do, too, yeah? Phlegmmy, there's your first book there!

Anonymous said...

A long overdue thanks for the Link, firstoff, I appreciate that.
And second: I certainly don't envy you having a MiL, any MiL. Have you seen Monster-in-Law? Jane Fonda just acts her little heart out, and somebodyall but steals the movie, OOPs, won't say anymore. Me and spoilers. But if you haven't seen it, even if you don't agree w/ Fond's politics, which I don't, or like JLo, which I also don't, it's still a funny movie.
I saw it on cable, so it's not like I put $ in either of their pockets. I was paying for cable anyway.
The supporting cast is better than the stars. Esp. the old broad!

Anonymous said...

I guess flying is out of the question. lol

I have an aunt with the same neurosis. There are some places she just does not go...period.

FHB said...

Hilarious. Sounds like they need Chevy Chase to drive, and they can call it National Lampoons Vacation 2007.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh that's hilarious. Make sure you don't tell her that there are non-white people in Canada as well. We want to freak her out when she gets here.

Liz said...

This means you will have lots of time to go out with ME!

Anonymous said...

Giggle, HELL! Laugh your ass off.

I usually laugh at my in-laws quite a bit. Especially when my pompous father in law confuses the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with the Blue Man Group. He's not nearly as in the know as he thinks he is.

My mother-in-law is just annoying. She barely eats and comments on D's weight all the time, then wonders why we don't call her? Well, gee...