Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've decided I'm obsessed with the accordion.

Nothing more to add to that, I just wanted you to know.

My doglet is having to wear one of those awful lampshade collars to keep her from licking her feet - she's obsessed with them right now and will lick them until they are sore, for some reason.

There's a new collar on the market that inflates and you attach it to their collar - it looks hilarious - like a hemorrhoid donut and it's so funny to look at.

I bought one of those and was having a blast laughing at the life-preserver effect, but her legs are so long she could still reach to lick her paws, so we had to revert to the lampshade. Poor lass.

I used to live in a loft with her and in the parking lot the fence didn't fully reach the ground, and she could run at the fence full-tilt with the lampshade on and whip right under it - it was an engineering marvel. Needless to say, shortly thereafter little miss doglet could only go out on leash, poor girl.


fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com said...

Poor doggie...who's licking her butt and other parts for her?

Crazy the things I worry about - huh?

FHB said...

Flaco. Otherwise it doesn't do anything for me.

Anonymous said...

those squeeze boxes have been known to inflict that obsession throughout the ages shug -- my Horner hasn't had a deep breath in quite a while --

huggin' you

Zelda said...

I had a donut cushion after I had my first kid. When she got older, she found it and started wearing it like a hat. She even decorated it with flowers.

Kelly said...

Oh, the lampshade! We always called it the "satellite dish". My 28 pound cat had to wear one when he had his sex change. Yeah, that's a story for another day...

LJ said...

That's a great opening line.

And anything about some poor creature forced to wear the dreaded lampshade is good for a smile. Unless, of course, it's me.

But then I rarely lick my feet, so I expect I'm safe, huh?

fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com said...

Also...can women actually play the accordion without injury?

phlegmfatale said...

mushy - I marvel that anyone came up with that. The answer is, of course, she's just scooting her butt on the carpet now.

Fathairybastard - it's good to know what one likes.

ben heller - glad you liked that, but then I always knew you weren't anal retentive. Thanks for getting that information - I'll check into it.

kat - you should dust it off and blow out its pipes - it'd probably enjoy a bit of fresh air!

zelda - that is SUCH a funny story - butt-donut-tiara. I love the creative-type kid!

kelly - THAT is even better- satellite dish - you need to post a picture of your 28 pound cat - that's only double what my jack russell terrier weighs - amazing!

lj - Glad ya liked it! Indeed, but presumably if you were wearing the dreaded lampshade, it will have been by choice, oui?

mushy - I suppose a gal may just need long arms, or something.

Kelly said...

I will have to figure out how to scan a picture of him and post it with the story. He went to kitty heaven about thirteen years ago.
The sex change is a funny story though.

Heather B said...

The last time one of my pups were hurt, the vet gave her some neckbrace contraption.

She just sat around, looking at me like she would rip out my jugular as soon as it was removed.