Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip this dirty girl post. .

My hair is curly and I like to wear it that way, but one does tire of the same old thing, day after day.

I reckon if we can put a man on the moon, science and nature should provide me with the wherewithal to sport stick-straight tresses on occasion. When I wear it curly, I never brush it or it will just fuzz up like a pissed-off kitty, so there's no telling how many lint-balls or threads or cinema tickets plastered in my Gordian locks I've walked around with, oblivious. Well, ignorance is bliss.

I wash it every couple of days, but drying it straight takes a lot of time, and that's pretty much how I wear it all the time these days.

Friday: the air was a bit cooler and drier, which makes drying my hair much easier. Yummy, silky, limp-as-a-rag hair. Yay.

Saturday: Storms at night have left a bit of moisture in the air, and it gets a bit wavy. Fair enough. Still silky and nice and I can run my fingers through it. Uh oh, caught out in the rain, though with an umbrella, well, I can feel it curling.

Sunday: Wow, VERY curly - the curliest I've worn it in a while, oh well, it's the one day off this week, why not?

Monday: Hey, it looks exactly like it did yesterday, and it looked really cute yesterday. I'll wash it tomorrow.

Tuesday: Crap - woke up late, MUST wash hair, going to be late to work, (looking in mirror) well waddayaknow? My hair looks fabulous! I think I won't wash it after all.

So, are you gagging? I'm grossing myself out - 5 days without washing my hair. It's camper hair. It's caught-in-the-wilderness-without-products hair. It's road-trip hair. Eek. Amazingly, it doesn't smell as bad as I would have imagined. Then again, the fall allergies - maybe my sniffer has gone off.

Well, that's the whole story - just that I've grossed myself out thoroughly.

But wait! There's more: my goal for the immediate future in my life is that someday soon on a Thursday night I'm going to go to the grocery store. Then when I come home from work on Friday, I'm going to put on pajamas and not leave the house and not wear anything but pajamas until Monday. I may clean, I may do productive things, I WILL shower and I will put on fresh pajamas, but I will not pass Go and I will not collect $200. My ass will be planted for one solid weekend. This I do solemnly swear.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Being of the curly haired persuasion myself, I can completely and utterly relate to your hair decisions. And curly hair does not need washing as often or it gets all dried out, so I find nothing unusual about going 5 days without shampoo.

But a weekend in pyjamas - my lord, that is an inspired idea indeed!

Dick said...

The schedule for Kelly and I this weekend.
Friday- Greek food festival
Saturday- Off roading and trying to break things.
Sunday- Statefair

We never do nothin!

Dick said...

Oh, go wash your hair! Lmao!

Dick said...

I have naturally wavy hair that is fine, so it not only gets frizzy in humidity, if I don't wash it, it gets flat and oily near my scalp and frizzy on the ends.

Yeah, we'll be busy this weekend, but I think we're skipping the state fair.

Maven said...

Nothing wrong with not washing your hair! If anything Americans overwash their hair. Sounds like it worked out for you. As long as you weren't too sweaty or working in a dirty environment, I don't see what the big whoop is.

I'm the same way, though my hair is baby fine and poker straight. Yet I have bad dry scalp and psoraisis in my scalp, so the more I shampoo, the scalier my scalp. I try not to go more than three days in between shampooing, because the hair gets oily and lies limp. I keep my hair tied up in a topknot most of the time because it's so limp it doesn't want to do anything. But if I cut it short, then I'd have to fuss with it more.

There is no happy "medium" when it comes to hair.

Kelly said...

Oops! That was me above! LMAO!

Dick doesn't give a shit about his hair.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara - Whew! That makes me feel so much better.
Oh, and we need to organize an international "Weekend In Pajamas" movement, yeah?

big dick - you know, I really worry about you inactive kids, you're just giving up and the life is just drained out of you! *L*

big dick - I've washed it twice since then, you'll be happy to know.

big dick - you never struck me as a guy who wore hair long enough to have "near the scalp" and "on the ends" sections. Skip State fair? And miss the Fried Coke and Fried Oreos? tsk! tsk!

nuggetmaven - thanks for the reassurance - I feel so much better and less icky about it now. Yeah, I guess there is no happy medium with hair, after all. It's either feast or famine, desert or french-fry-grease.

kelly - I'm SO glad to know that was you because suddenly a different picture of dick was emerging - a very unexpected picture! *L*

Heather B said...

I don't wash my hair everyday either, my hairdresser told me it can harm it!

Then again, I have a thick mess of kinda curly, kina straight, kinda wavy hair ... so any advice is apprciated.

I have a friend that doesnt wash hers for weeks, like you, hers is mega curly. She just invested in a shower cap and is happy with how it works out.

I love, LOVE your pic of the hair days. Too funny :)

Becky said...

I've known some hairstylists that hav said that if you can go a week without washing, that's fine. Unfortunately, my hair is fine and on the thinner side, so if I go one day without washing, it looks like an oil slick and I have cow licks everywhere.