Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I went into a store this weekend for a quick look-round, and it was packed with men, women and children scrambling for bargains and filling up baskets. It was dazzling - it looked like the day after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I paid $1.99 per gallon to fill my gas tank yesterday. Thank you, Karl Rove for lowering the price of gas and for turning off the hurricane generator this year.

And what's this bit of news about the Dow Jones venturing up above 12000 repeatedly recently?

Hmm. I'd say considering the crippling blow 9/11 dealt our economy--particularly the airline industry--it's a marvel to see things in such a boom a mere 5 years later.

Then it occurred to me today that along about 1992, election year and right after our first big foray into the Persian Gulf, I was seeing all these bumper stickers and headlines that said "it's the economy, stupid."

Funny, but the current critics of the executive branch seem almost mute about how well the economy is going. Now it may just be a fluke here - y'all all over the rest of the country may not be thriving and having loads of extra dough to splash out on new cars and new houses and luxury condos that we do here. Or maybe I'm just seeing the extra business locals are getting from the Katrina transplants.

I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Good news is no news as far as the media goes.

I feel like taking Katie Couric and rubbing her nose in the
Wallstreet journal, Bad Journalist!

Anonymous said...

Astute observation!

Anonymous said...

But, but...what about the WMDs, when Clinton lied, nobody died, culture of corruption, terrible economy, health care, minimum wage, quagmire, Mark Foley, blah blah friggin' blah!?

I truly hope people don't succumb to the idiots on the left. Dear God above, light a fire under the right leaning folk who see through the MSM's bullcrap and re-elect the conservative thinking folk. Amen

HollyB said...

I am in absolute awe of your metaphorical a$$!!!
No matter how early I am forced to arise {some mornings I HATE my dawgs}; your blog is waiting for me like a ray of sunshine.
Thank you.

phlegmfatale said...

hammer - I'm hoping a lot of our journalists are crying in their beer two weeks from today

lightning bug's butt - why thank ye!

tony - I read the first 9 words of your comment and thought "I'm gonna have to spank him." I have to admit that with exception of the Texas gubernatorial, I'm voting straight conservative ticket, and it won't be the first time, probably not the last.

hollyb - aw shucks, hon. 'tweren't nothin. It just occurred to me. And remember the righteous indignation of all those people who were outraged that we would pry into a president's personal life and insult the office by calling him a philanderer, etc., and yet THEY can derisively call the sitting president "STUPID" in a headline, and call him worse standing on a stage before thousands of foreigners??? Give me a break. I'm hoping most people are as steamed about all this as I am.

Anonymous said...

It's the economy stupid. ;)


phlegmfatale said...

In that case, happy days are here again. heh heh. thanks for weighing in, steven!

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Well, since I'm retired and on a "fixed income" I spose I should be pissin' and moanin' like the AARP about my living conditions. Let me check a minute - nope. Everything's OK in my world. But if you've read my blog entry Are you a Casualty of the Class War at you'll know I'm not a poster boy for the liberals who like to trot out the poor and down trodden EVERY election.

FHB said...

It's never about truth. Always more about perception, which makes the MSMs power to dictate what we're all talking about and thinking about such a valuable thing.

Dick said...

They will only talk trash when things are leaning their way.
$1.92 here by the airport.

phlegmfatale said...

myron - well, I hope you plan on hanging in there for many years to come! Sounds like you're doing pretty well.

fathairybastard - husband always says "perception is reality."

big dick - Wow, great gas price. I hope it spreads in this direction.

Yup, they WILL talk trash, won't they?