Friday, October 20, 2006

OK, this may be a bit rushed, as I am knackered and dying to get to bed.

Things are going pretty well, and it seems I've finally found my stride in this over-committed/underslept schedule I've been keeping. Thursday was one of the best/worst at work, with funny things happening that I can't even talk about.

One amazing thing happened this week that left me feeling like the last of the gallopin' goobers. rightly so. SOrry, will have to finish this post later.

So, I had a much longer post that was quite entertaining, but I decided to abbreviate the whole mess to simply state that people don't just commit identity theft to access funds from your bank and credit cards - they can also have an entire criminal life listing your name birthdate and SSN as the responsible party, FYI. Something to think about...


Frobisher said...

Could you get me a quarter ounce of Peruvian flake off her?

Seriously tho' Identity fraud is becoming such a major problem - shread your documents people!

Heather B said...

Good lord, this story has inspired me to stop throwing out all my bank statements, credit card pre-approvals and the like.

Glad she got it :)

FHB said...

Huh? What? What did I miss? Anyway, you need to go to Hammars site and read this NOW.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Back in February someone cleaned out my checking account because I bought some things at Ofice Max on my Visa debit card. Office Max denies it to this day, but they were storing PIN numbers. Office Max got hacked. Rabbit's Debit card numbers then went on a little vacation to Manama, Bahrain and bought jewelry and cellphones. Rabbit was in Richardson at the time.

Rabbit was pissed.

Rabbit got his money back after Rabbit called Visa, filed the paperwork, made reports and Rabbit put the fear of Odin in Visa, the bank, Office Max, small furry woodland creatures, etc., ad infinitum.

Ideall, Rabbit is going to be able to prove he didn't get any parking tickets in Mumbai.

All I ask is ten minutes in a locked room with the perpetrator. And a shovel.


phlegmfatale said...

ooooh, sympathies on that one, rabbit. That SUUUUUCKS!
Once I was at the Wells Fargo bank downtown and drove through. I had someone in the car with me (which is unusual) and I was distracted and drove off leaving my card in the ATM.
The jerk in the car behind mine pulled $400 cash out of my account. Right there, on camera. WF bank investigated, but put the $400 back in my account as soon as I complained about the event. They wouldn't tell me what happened to the perp, but at the very least, I hope it ruined their day.
Nasty, jerky, thieving people. It's amazing how casual people are about thievery these days. Disturbing trend.