Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thanks for indulging those two rants this week. Some people are slow to catch on, but I always knew the email of the species is more deadly than the mail. Anyone crafty enough to con people into paying them to navel-gaze in D.C. shouldn't need to be told that.

Yes, I washed my hair Wednesday I am happy to report. I know how relieved you must be.

OOOOH, little bit of heaven - when we were leaving the country fair after my dad's horseshoe triumph last weekend, I stopped by a vegetable stand and bought 8 luscious green tomatoes for $10 from Tennessee, which mom fried up proper on Wednesday night. OK, I know they don't translate well owing to the fact that grease in a photograph never conveys the true glory of the first-person experience, but they were so marvelousI had to include a photo the little deadlies on my blog. The thinly sliced green tomatoes are dipped in flour and corn meal then fried. My toes are curling just remembering it. Also, it only occurred to me to snap the photo near the end of the platter, but I knew you'd want to get a gander at them. Yummy.

Speaking of food, for any foodie/film afficionados out there, Tampopo is a superb Japanese film that sort of orbits around the theme of food. For anyone who has seen it, my favorite vignette is the guy with the toothache and the little boy with the carrot and sign - incredibly cute and sweet.


FHB said...

I think you could probably fry anything and I'd eat it. Nice.

HollyB said...

I took one glance at that pic and my mouth was watering!
I never heard of such.
I Live for April and May so I can scarf those babies down.
I have seen the time I've gone to the famed Ponder Steakhouse to eat Fried Green Tomatoes instead of a steak. Everbody else was scarfin' down perfectly seared red meat, and Holly's munchin away on a double order of tomatoes.
And happy as a pig in slop to be doin' so!!
Looks like your Mama knows how to do 'em up right, too.

Kelly said...

I love fried green termatters.

I'm adventuring into Southern cooking tonight with my first attempt at making chicken fried steak and cream gravy.

We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh. I like them already.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Maybe I need new glasses but when I first looked at the photo I thought "what the hell is she doin' with a picture of sausage on this page?" And then I read it. And I agree with fhb. Fry it and it's mine. Well, except for liver and oysters. And squid and octopus. And there may be some other slimey, smelly stuff that I won't eat.

Meg said...

I thought that was just a title of a movie - though anything fried sounds good to me. Tampopo is the first movie you mentioned that I've seen! It was one of the six or seven by the husband (actor turned director) and wife (the main character) duo - the husband killed himself about a decade ago, so Tampopo would have been one of the later ones they made. Ramen - now that's one of the champion junk food back home, though as far as junk food goes, not that unhealthy.

LJ said...

I have never had fried green tomatoes. Picture Sally Fields saying this...
"Poor Linda has never had..."
And the grease enhances the picture...

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Speaking of fried - - - phlegmy, did you try any fried coke at the State Fair this year? said...

Yeah, I was going for sausage too, but at the first sight of the tomato word I my mouth watered more! Love'em!

Like FHB said, fry it and I'll eat it. Once a season I try to have fried tomatoes, okra, squash, and tatters!

phlegmfatale said...

fathairbastard - you are preaching to the choir
hollyb - here's how bad I am: when I read your comment, I started making plans for a trip to Ponder in April!
kelly - we'll want a full report on your genesis as a bona fide Southern cook - I'll bet you'll rock at it!
lightning bug's butt - they are glorious beyond description!
myron - I have to say - the fried chicken livers at Mama's Daughters' Diner in Dallas (on Industrial) is THE best liver ever. Always very fresh - glorious with very good cream gravy. Worth the drive.
meg - Fannie Flagg was referring to the Southern delicacy when she wrote that book - it's a great Southern American culinary classic and one of the most dear seasonal delicacies to our hearts.
Tampopo was superb, and the woman was so lovely and sweet in that role - I didn't realize the man killed himself? He was so talented and handsome - what a shame. Glad we've found a movie we have in common - I love the cinema.

lj - and I'm picturing Sally Field hosting a telethon to get you some fried green tomatoes. Bless your ever-loving heart!

Myron -funniest thing - just tonight someone told me about the Fried coke for the first time - sounds so strange!

leazwell - Ahhhh, aromatic headband, and maybe with little scent fans to propel the herbal essences out from the head to camouflage oily head-stink? Brilliant! *L* Did you just forget to fry green tomatoes? It's a shame to miss out on that.

mushy - *L* Yeah, they are awesome, aren't they? I grew up eating those things. Heaven! Yup, all that stuff fried is goooood!