Thursday, July 06, 2006

You scored as Cabaret Voltaire. Sheffield-based band Cabaret Voltaire were formed slightly before punk but are often said to be godfathers of electronica and industrial music. Their music is a innovative combination of synthesisers, tape samples and electronic beats, best heard on 'The Original Sound of Sheffield 1978-82'.

Cabaret Voltaire


Throbbing Gristle


Joy Division


The Teardrop Explodes


Gang Of Four


The Slits


Public Image Ltd.


The Pop Group


The Fall




Which Post Punk band are you?
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Oddly enough, I LOVE Gang of Four and Wire's The Ideal Copy is one of my all-timers. But yeah, I'm CV all the way. I love when these quizzes get it right.

Oh, and I think it's cool that I didn't have to cheat on this quiz to come out as my favorite post-punk joint, though if naming them for myself, mine would rank Cabaret Voltaire, Gang of Four, Public Image Ltd, Wire, Joy Division, The Fall, and then the others could duke it out on their own time.


phlegmfatale said...

OK - ben - the link should work now - I removed the link before posting because I took it a little while back and all the links defaulted to It's a cool quiz, cooler than most.

nongirlfriend - check it out now, hon - should work.

Oh, and I'll want a full report from both of you! Bring your results and post them here on my comments, if you will. please. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

Tickersoid said...

I know nothing of these things, happening as they did in my 'darkness years'.

Dick said...

I'm more of a Meatloaf guy myself, then again, I also lean heavily toward the Traveling Wilbury's.
But that's just me.

phlegmfatale said...

tickersoid - if by "darkness years" you mean confinement by law to marriage, well, I hear ya.

dick - I like Meatloaf too. And how could you not find something to like in the TWs, with all that talent? And hey - if everyone was into post punk, well, who would there be to rebel against? Dull!

leazwell - Wire is great - quite verbose, occasionally offensive and often brilliant. LOVED them. Alas, nothing of theirs was ever released on cd, that I'm aware of. Loved the crap out of them!

Will said...

I took it ... and I'm the Slits. Cabaret Voltaire was third. Interestingly enough, Gang of Four was near the bottom and I love them.

Tickersoid said...

spot on.

phlegmfatale said...

will - I might have known! Yeah, I think it's funny the questions they ask to pigeonhole your tastes, but there's often an indefineable aspect to the bands/music we like that informs the path we follow in constructing the soundtracks of our lives...

tickersoid. Good stuff, eh? :o)