Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good googly moogly.

All this time we've been trying to be more French, ya know: more cosmopolitan, more "citizens of the world," and all that crap. We've seen the error of our ways-- that to be indpendent and strive for a free society where people can do their own thing and participate or not as a matter of choice is just plain nonsensical. Further, our eschewing of the virtues of socialism has been very short-sighted.

The French way is the one true path. The modern French - scions of the fathers of Enlightenment, are who we look to for right-mindedness. After all, look what a mess der Fürher made of Belgium and even London, but yet still the Eiffel tower stands, testament to the virtues of self-preservation and the material bliss that is guaranteed by utter capitulation. Why fight it?

I can just see my beloved Coco Chanel straddling a tank as it rolled down the Champs Elysees. What was that shitty remark that got Clayton Williams UN-elected governor of Texas? Oh yeah- "the weather is kinda like rape - if it's inevitable, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it. "

So what if there are sections of Paris that are so dominated by gangs of north African origin that the gendarmes dare not enter? They've got their heads on straight about everything, and it's time to face facts that all the world will look down on the USA until we are more frenchfried.

So, in light of all this, color me baffled at this story on breitbart.com on something of a groundswell of discontent sullying the waters of gay Paree. Apparently all is not bliss in the land of Moliére. I suppose with the world media hammering it into their heads that WE are up to our eyeballs in homeless people, the French hired a bunch of sloppy folks to flop under bridges and along picturesque canals in tents provided by a "charitable" organization to emulate homelessness.

This is ironic, because as we all know, in a perfect society that is so vastly superior to our own, homelessness, hunger and unemployment could not possibly exist. After all, homelessness, hunger and unemployment are constructs of the evil ever-expanding democratic movement of the West. So, is this a paean to Disney, or some such? Is this a sartorial nod to the societal disquiet of the west, doffing its hat with a wink and half-grin? Worse still are the mean-spirited folk who are not playing along with the ruse, demanding that these pawns in the game of life move to homeless shelters or rehabilitation centers. How cruel! Sounds very non-French, frankly.

I KNOW that this story can not mean that there are actual homeless people in Paris or France or the smug-git European flipping Union, because I don't see how they can blame that on the obvious source of all homelessness which is clearly Ronald Reagan and the Georges Bush.

Can someone 'splain me this?


Dick said...

The French...
So much to rail against, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Is it politically correct to feed them cake?

phlegmfatale said...

patty - you've got yourself a deal

leazwell - *LOL* People wallowing along the Seine seems natural enough- that was brilliant, darling, as was your truffle-flinging solution!

dick - Indeed!

pure evyl - *L* Well, but only if the cake immediately precedes a boxing about the ears