Thursday, July 20, 2006

Three of my favorite people.

I spent the day with niece yesterday and we came by dad's shop to bring him a nice iced tea. We had a grand time. Hope you had a happy birthday, pop. I'm more proud of you than I could ever say.

The dashing lad in the other photo is nephew who is the family's personal Pocket Atlas - 3 years old, pint-sized and fearless. His life's ambition: to kill a bear in between bites of cinnamon toast. Look out, bears!

Sorry for posting these huge unedited photo files, but my PC has utterly crapped out and I'm barely able to get online these days, let alone edit my pictures. It was just such a great day I had to show you why. I hope to have things functioning normally again on my own machine within a few days. Wish me luck - I seem doomed when it comes to my PC of late.


Dick said...

We'll live. Glad ya enjoyed yourself yesterday.
Tell dad to be careful over there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's your dad? He has such a wonderfully kind face, but looks like he is no pushover!

Anonymous said...

We are so blessed to still have our dads!

Nieces and nephews are so much fun. My nephews are in college now so the relationship has changed. Speaking of which I need to write a motivational letter to one of those rascals ...

Becky said...

They are both adorable. They give my nieces and nephews a run for their money (I'm obviously a biased aunt as well:)

phlegmfatale said...

dick- my dad is careful.

barbara - I've said it before, but my pop is the best. He's a naturally gregarious person that other people are drawn to, but he's bad news if trifled with.

lakennedy - We are indeed blessed. I am thankful for mine every day of my life. Yeah, nieces and nephews - spoil the little darlings and send them home! *L* Actually, I hope they are getting good instruction from me that reinforces the training they get at home. I do try to dazzle them with fun, but we have serious talks, too. I can't imagine loving a child more than I do them.

becky - Thanks, hon. I admit I am besotted with them both.