Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just have to say something - I was just on a website where people were bemoaning the fact that George W. Bush doesn't demand that Israel stop pounding Lebanon.

Funny thing is, like, 5 minutes ago it seemed like everyone was bitching because George W. Bush DID take steps to intervene and prevent Saddam Hussein from continuing the wholesale slaughter of the nomadic peoples of northern Iraq, scores of thousands of whom were murdered by Hussein and dumped in mass graves.


DO intervene. DON'T intervene. Love him or hate him, it seems to me George W. Bush is in a lose/lose situation because some people have made up their mind to find fault with him no matter what he does. I'd appreciate if they'd at least be honest about that, but I don't think they are capable.

Thank God for men with the balls to keep their own counsel and follow their own inner guides rather than being swayed the heady winds of popular opinion, of whom there are scarce few to be found among the ranks of our elected leaders.

Furthermore, the woman in this video clip (please click) has pegged the situation. Not just Iraq. Not just Israel/Lebanon & F-A, but the general malaise that has plagued us this entire century.


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chuck said...

Phlegm Fatale

It isn't about Bush.

Remember: After 9/11, he had the support of over 90% of the US electorate...and the USA stood high in world opinion.

How things have changed in five years!

The problem is bigger than Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Bolton, Gonzalez and the rest of the ruling junta.

They lost public support because they were dishonest with the American people, and they broke faith with the US Military.

They committed US soldiers to an increasingly deadly OCCUPATION of Iraq. They continually put our troops in harm's way, with no stated end of the OCCUPATION in sight.

How can you equate this kind of indifference to our Military Men and Women as "having balls".

It doesn't take balls to start a war; "it takes balls to bring our warriors home".

Aside from our differences of opinion, I really enjoy your posts.

Dick said...

Here's my two cents, so feel free to delete it if you think I might offend some of your readers, which I'm pretty sure I will.

The Lib whiners in this country have refused to get over the fact that Gore lost the election.
They're plain and simple idiots who only despise Bush because he was judged the winner.
I'd love to have a political discussion which each and everyone of them, with a baseball bat and a pitchfork.

Do I think Bush is 100% correct?
Hell no.
Truth be known, I agree with him about as much as I did Clinton.
Difference there is that Clinton openly lied and was busted by the entire country.
These liberal zipperheads claim Bush lied about WMD's, but isn't it funny how Gore, Clinton, and Kerry were all certain of those weapons existed as well?

Also, the armchair generals out there who say the war isn't being prosecuted correctly?
Blow me assholes.

You want to explain exactly how much military service you have, and in what MOS it was?
When exactly was the last time you directed a firefight?
Yeah, I thought so.

And the bullshit about Abu Ghraib?
Big God damn deal.
My Infantry training was harder that what those terrorist assholes went through, by a freaking longshot.
Personally, I'd wipe the entire Middle East off the map, and then go grab a cheesburger, because I could give a shit about what the rest of the world thinks.
And secondly, I wish these assholes would go back to openly hating the troops like they did during my years in the service.
This hiding of your true feelings as liberals is not really very becoming of you.

Liberals are nothing more than sore losers who need to sit down and pour themselves a nice, hot, steaming cup of shut the fuck up.

:P fuzzbox said...

I want to thank you for posting that video. This woman speaks more sense than any political rhetoric from our nations politicians and certainly more than any of the nations major media. If there were more like her then the world would be a much better place.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best damn political posts I've read!


The action line is, GWB is and idiot. Anything he does, therefore, is stupid.

When you think about it, GWB and Israel have something in common: neither can do anything right.

It's called "prejudice."

Anonymous said...

Wafa Sultan (the highly clued woman in the video) has more stones than all the flea-ridden Taliban, Baathists and woman-hating mullahs combined.

Oh, and for all you Bush-haters in the audience? THAT is true dissent. Speaking your piece in a culture that thinks beheading the opposition is a perfectly acceptable tactic? Brave. Retelling W-is-Hitler jokes on the internet? Lame.

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

wow. I have to say thanks also for posting that video clip.I couldn't agree more. Leave it to a woman to articulate this!!

phlegmfatale said...

pure evyl - So be it.

chuck - I respect your right to disagree, and I appreciate that you are open-minded enough to read my blog (which is largely non-political in subject) in spite of the stuff you disagree with. There's a lot I don't agree with GWB about, such as the exponential growth of pork-barrel spending under his administration and the overly-invasive nature of "homeland security" measures, but as I said, sometimes I think even though it's painful and some good folks are going to die in the cause, you've got to stand up and put down the rabid dog that IS taking active steps to bring your society into submission. We have been attacked. George W Bush didn't get us into a war. We have been in a war since the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993 and the big do-nothing window-dresser serial philandering Commander-in-Chief looked the other way from the forces to undermine American society whilst actively shooting the knees from under our military complex. Speaking of the military, I disagree with your statement that we have broken faith with our military - on the contrary. Unlike the media who generally disdain the military, I happen to be one of the great majority who believe that the men and women of our military are the brightest, best and truest Americans there are, and I have seen every evidence they are determinedly committed to the task at hand. Please also keep in mind that unlike dictatorships the world over, ours is an Air Force/Army/Marines/Navy comprised entirely of volunteers. I think that is a beautiful thing that says as much about our volunteers as it does about our ideology as a society.

I understand your point of view - I hear the same all the time, I just don't agree with it. I think you're clever and charming and I like you, and I'm a grown-up and can continue to have genuine human fondness for someone with whom I have a disagreement on a life-and-death fundamental. Thanks for taking time to comment.

dick - I wouldn't change a letter, period or expletive, and I would never delete it.

:p fuzzbox - you are welcome - it was recorded in February of this year, and I sorta figured everyone had seen it but me, but I figured it was worth posting since I just saw it for the first time today.
The woman , Wafa Sultan, is an Arab-American Psychologist in Los Angeles. You can look more about her up on Wikipedia. Her story is an incredible one - of the day in 1979 when she rejected Islam after gunmen burst into her university classroom and gunned down her teacher whilst shouting "Allah is honored", or somesuch. She's coming from a place of true knowledge of the extremists we are dealing with.

lightning bug's butt - wow - I'm deeply complimented, but I just spoke from the heart about a contradiction I have seen again and again in recent days. Excellent comment, too.

phlegmfatale said...

pdb - She's brilliant, as I said in my previous comment - her story is inspiring and may be read in wikipedia aT

I love an intelligent fearless woman like Ms. Sultan - she's a formidable creature.

schnoobie - you're welcome. I think a woman with first-hand experience with these extremists is perhaps the best judge of all of what is taking place in the world. Always nice to see you here, schnoobie darlin'! Happy quilting! One of these days I'm going to gather my quilt up to send for you to stitch for me.

Zelda said...

It's our media. After 9/11 I watched them use all the tricks of their sordid profession to change public opinion. If it weren't for blogs and talk radio, I don't know where we'd be.

I don't recall Clinton ever receiving such pointedly bad press. Do you remember when ABC aired the Juanita Broderick story? They made a statement both before and after fellating themselves for refusing to air the story during Clinton's impeachment proceedings so as not to bias anyone. And the NSA wiretapping scandal? No mention of Clinton's Echelon project. And 60 minutes considerately broke that particular story exactly one month after Clinton left office. And no one felt the need to revisit it despite it's current significance.

What was Clinton doing with that informtion anyway? Finding out who gave the best blowjobs? God forbid he actually gather any useful intelligence.

The prejudice of the media is palpable. Best line I ever heard was "Liberals: Hard on fetuses, soft on terror." And it's so true. If some soylent green, fetus-eating Democrat was in power, I can only dream of what a cakewalk the war on terror would be. But that's assuming they would fight it instead of offering their humble apologies to the terrorists for causing them to cause 9/11, and forcing the rest of us into resensitization camps.

Becky said...

I have to say that I do enjoy your political posts because they're so well-reasoned and well-written. I think the problem is that too many people have forgotten about what Saddam was like and they just keep harping on the WMD issue. So, they didn't find them, but his behavior otherwise wasn't atrocious and genocidal? I also agree with your comment above, and whenever people say something about Bush and 9/11, I have to remind them of the four attacks that Bin Laden orchestrated during Clinton's campaign...and nothing was done.

phlegmfatale said...

zelda - brilliant comment - you put it much better than I did. Well done!

becky - why thank you, but I'm just saying what strikes me. I'm baffled by the hypocrisy (often on both sides, but most dangerously on the liberal left in this instance). You make great points, too. And yeah, wm-friggingd's - I am SICK to the teeth of hearing them harp on it.
Oh, and they all just shrug off Clinton smoking a cigar with Arafat that he'd earlier inserted in the vagina of an intern, and they are outraged about Bush using the word "shit?" Give me a break.

Twisted Lady said...

Oh my, I have to agree, phlegmfatale.


phlegmfatale said...

the blog whore - but then, we're practically twins, so I already knew how smart you were!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that lady's got huge ones. How many body guards does she walk around with? Pegged the issue; one society that went throught a little thing called the enlightenment, and one that spent three or four hundred years in a turkish bath getting boned by fat, sweaty guys in fezzes and serving tea to arrogant Brits. Now, mysteriously they have issues.

phlegmfatale said...

Yup, she's got big, swingin' balls, nony, just the way I like my women. Great in-a-nutshell analysis of the whole deal. Good job!