Monday, October 11, 2010

tomato bisque... which the blender pukes on the cabinet.

When FarmFamily arrived in town on Thursday, to my delight they brought loads of produce from their garden back home. Sunday, however, the tomatoes demanded immediate use. I decided to try making tomato bisque for the first time.


Uh, except when I put hot soup in a blender to mince everything up and it went all splodey. Who knew that hot stuff in a blender couldn't be contained?

Still, the end product was delicious. Thanks so much for the tomatoes, FarmFamily! Loved 'em!

I'll try to write a longer post tomorrow about my birthday weekend. I had a fantastic time with everyone and I appreciate everyone coming around to help me celebrate.



Farmmom said...

Yummy! That looks good :D

FHB said...

Never fails. Whenever I cook something with tomato paste it gets splattered and roasted into the stove top by the time to cookin's over. Good thing it tastes so good.

Stingray said...

Oooh, at least it didn't spatter too much. I've got a rather abused towel for going over the blender lid when mixing hot stuff. Between that, and bringing it all up to speed in fits and starts and pulses, I've managed to avoid a similar fate for a while now, knock wood. Sorry we missed the bash.

BMiller said...

You should get yourself an immersion/stick blender. It's got the regular blender blade at one end and a high/low rocker switch at the other and lets you blend right in the pot. They're also good for frothing heavy cream and such.

A good one should only run you $30 or so.

I've been getting paid to burn other people's food since high school and have carried one in by toy box for almost as long.


Old NFO said...

Looks good... And the recipe is??? :-)

Steve Skubinna said...

Lucky you weren't burned (I'm hoping the lack of an injury report means no injuries). But yes, whenever you blend anything hot, ALWAYS hold down the lid or you will get Vesuvius in your kitchen, and that's the kind of thing you want to restrict to school scince fair projects.

Even better, Take BMiller's advice. Stick blender. Nothing near as good when you have to smooth out a stockpot of soup. Also the bee's knees when you want to scramble a whole mess of eggs.

Bradley said...

stick blenders rule, the bigger the better, but anything over 1/2 horse power is over kill.