Friday, October 29, 2010

Guilt-free pleasure

Now that summer season has passed, be sure to rifle through markdowns at department and discount stores for cotton jersey sheets(t-shirt material). In my opinion, they are as cozy as flannel sheets without the cheap feeling. (no, AD, not that kind of cheap feeling.). I found some yesterday for less than $10. Woo hoo!!!

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Ambulance Driver said...

It is possible to enjoy the occasional cheap feeling without feeling cheap, you know. ;)

Old NFO said...

Good one!

Roberta X said...

Tam will not use cotton jersey, claiming it tends to wrap up around her ("They attack me!"); but in the winter, my private stock of well-washed flannel sheets gets seriously raided.

I'm so low-class, I have never really got the whole snooty-bedding thing. If my sheets are soft and there's enough blankets and comforters stacked up to stay warm, I'm happy.

Matt G said...

I am fascinated by good bedding, but have never acted on it, to speak of, beyond washing what I've got, and keeping my threadcounts at 200 or higher.

A buddy mentioned to me that, at the State Fair, they were selling 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets for $40 a set for king size. Well, hell. I didn't even know that threadcounts came in that high a number. So I bought two sets.... and discovered at home that while they may be "Egyptian" (style), they were NOT cotton. They still sleep pretty well, actually. We got 'em marked down for $20/set. Gen U Wine Chinese synthetic Egyptian-style sheets. Haw.