Saturday, October 23, 2010

In which my big brother was catch of the day...

Some guy out kayak fishing on a lake snagged my big brother's thumb with a pretty heavy duty lure. Went clean to the bone.

...Hooked a boater this AM. Hooked em good in the tip of his thumb deep past the barb. He was around 200lbs and pulled hard for a few seconds then started hollerin & shortly after gave up...

I loved the formal report-style of the catch's stats and particulars. Apparently the angling kayaker made big brother a peace offering of some fish and all fences were properly mended. My brother thanked him and said "we'll have to hook up again sometime."

Yes, there's a deep, deep vein of corn running plumb through my gene pool.

What really freaks me out about this whole story is that two weeks ago, the day be fore my birthday, I bought myself a hat nearly identical to the one he's wearing. Mine is dark brown leather with real fur, but, anyway, funny coincidence. Great minds... My shoe collection is way cuter than his, though.

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Jennifer said...

"My shoe collection is way cuter than his, though."
Of course. I would hope so