Monday, October 04, 2010

Progress report: beadboard installation I

So, we got a bit of a late start on putting the beadboard in. I was fussing about with shifting some things in the house, and getting the space ready for the bookcase, and then loading a few things onto the bookcase.
Yes, Sunday was a very good day. I'm so excited about this week and about my birthday on Friday. :) I have Thursday and Friday off, so after work on Wednesday I'm driving over to Dallas to see Mum and Pop, and hopefully siblings and the niece/nephew complex, as well. :) Maybe Sis will bring her sublime wiener dog, Daisy. :)
Anyway, Sunday we went for a nosh at a local German eatery and I over-krauted, apparently. This was no great discomfort to me, but Himself did remark at the noisiness of the geese on the lake during our walkies.

Speaking of walkies, got a late start on the beadboard because we took a very long walk with the hounds. It's cool enough that we actually put sweaters on them. We let them stop and sniff everything they took a fancy to sniff and there was plenty of p-mail exchanged, a bit of spam and apparently a few flame wars. Praline and the Chooch had a grand time, and I expect they'll have a blissful, very restful sleep through Monday morning.

So, on to the beadboard: we got on to the 6th row of the stuff, so it's moving along apace. We'll get it all done tomorrow night, after which I'll most likely paint most of the rest of the kitchen. Yays! This will look very nice when the molding goes in, but that may be a month or so away, depending on when I can afford the molding I want. :) Will be ossum, though!

Oh, I want to show you one of my favorite arty things. This cow painting was done by an American artist who lives in Germany. He likes to take some piece of printed material and paint a tableau over that. This was a panel from a fruit crate, and it had the little trees printed on, and he added the red beeves, who I think are adorable. Makes me smile, anyhoo.

Have a great Monday. I'm pretty sure I'll have the whole rest of the ceiling to show you tomorrow. Cheers, m'dears!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oooooh some lovely renos you have happening there! Beadboard is a fabulous idea and will look so clean and organized. Huzzah for straight lines!

Can't wait to see things as they progress.

Keads said...

Looks great!