Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dear Birthday Fairy

I've been a very good girl.
S&W 27 3.5"
(yup, the grips are fake ivory)


I think it's very evolved of me to be open minded enough that I could love a S&W as much as I might a Colt's Python, don't you agree?

Found at Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas

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Old NFO said...

Um... no :-) Good luck with the Smith if you get it, it IS a nice piece!

Jennifer said...

So very beautiful

Keads said...

Nice looking .357 you found! I hope the Birthday Fairy is good to you!

Rabbit said...

Oh, that's so perfect!

Sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you. We'll be around soon, though

George said...

Second, Excellent choice. Do you know what vintage the revolver is?

NotClauswitz said...

Happy Birthday indeed, and a swell looking and evolvedly open-minded self-realized gift too!