Thursday, October 14, 2010

That not-so-supported feeling.

So I have the oh-shit! phone evenings this week.

Monday night, the laptop wouldn't connect to the company godhead, so any SOSers were SOL. Tuesday I took the whole setup in to work with me to get it sorted, they sorted the mess, and seemingly all was well last night. It just so happened I had only one call all night, and that was just an FYI from a vendor and required no computer time.

Wednesday night, OTOH, they appear to have put an extra security layer in the whole enchilada and now it's requesting a "tokencode"-- whatever that is. Rotsa ruck.

Now, on Monday when everything was so royally smegged up, I called the lead IT guy, and my boss let me know Tuesday he bitched mightily about having been bothered by me. Wednesday night I sent my boss a text about the tokencode thingie, but got no answer.

Am I going to call the tech guy again? Not no, but HELL no. I really don't want the company to lose out on business, but what the frell am I supposed to do? They need to get it together before they send this crap home with people.


This is not to say that the job is a terrible one. I still like what I'm doing, fortunately.

Someone at work had a teenaged child die not too long ago. Someone at the office felt it necessary to copy: ALL on an email informing folks the child had died of an accident quite probably during a very specific misbehaviour. I thought that was tacky beyond the pale. Wildly insensitive. That person still hasn't returned to work, but I think it's shitty that they'll find something in their inbox that mentions the child's death and its likely relation to recreational activity and that results weren't back from the autopsy yet... Why do people do things like that without thinking of how cruel the effect will be on someone facing such a loss?

I promise, that post-birthday roundup is coming soon...


Jon said...

IT gurus can get tempermental, since they are constantly exposed to the almost unbelievable things people do to their own computer.

If you have the opportunity, tell the IT guy how much you appreciate his work and did't mean to ruin his evening. I'm sure he'll appreciate it and will know you're on his side. In the future, you might find one of your most important allies will be the IT guy.

Kristophr said...

You need to get a token from your IT department.

It's a security device that generates a code hashed with the current time when you press a button.

It prevents crackers from breaking into your network by loading a keylogger on an employee's PC. Having a password without the token can't get you in.

Old NFO said...

Kris is correct. You should have been issued one with the laptop.