Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Beadboard progression #2

Stopped work on the ceiling Tuesday night just shy of the half-way mark. Dunno if this will be finished or not this week. The work on this stage was done by Himself and Daniel whilst I worked at painting the kitchen. You can kind of see it in the room beyond, sort of a squash blossom yellow.
Yeah, I know the yellow kitchen is sort of a cliche, but maybe it's a cliche because it really works. Anyway, I like it and it's worlds better than the horrid chalky white that was on there before. In fact, I think the entire kitchen-- even the metal cabinets-- was just painted with Kilz. Now, I love Kilz. Kilz has been very good to me and I use it frequently. It's just not at all appropriate as a finishing coat.
Anyway, did that sound like whining?
It was not. Did I mention my birthday is Friday?

Am officially in a very good mood. :)


Farmmom said...

Don't wear yourself out before this weekend my dear!!! Must have energy for fun!!!!

Scott McCray said...

Beadboard rules! Definitely a classic look. (Mom had it put in her bedroom - helps to hide the imperfections of a 140 year old house!)

Thud said...

I'm happy to say that cliche or not a yellow kitchen is a cheery place...enjoy.