Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Introducing Miss Mochi

Mochi is a rescue pup. She's about 4 months old and has cycled through several homes.  When she left her mother, she was chained up in a yard and left alone all the time.  A coworker of mine had adopted a little male from the same litter and persuaded Mochi's captors to let her take Mochi, where she's been the last 2 months.  Mochi has been happy in a loving home that wanted her, but my co-worker's daughter and her dog moved in with her yesterday, and their community has a strict limit of two pets per household.  A few weeks ago she told me she needed to find a home for Mochi.  I'd met Mochi and observed her to be a smart, sweet and healthy little pup.  I couldn't bear the thought of her going to a shelter and maybe not making it out alive, so I told her I'd take her if no one else did.  She said "she's yours."  She said my house is puppy heaven, so Mochi will surely be happy here.  Two weeks ago I took Mochi and her brother to the vet for checkups and shots, and they got the all clear.  This also gave her time for her body to process the boosters etc and got her properly wormed before coming to my house. 

Mochi is a chiweenie, though she looks more full-on doxie than chi, to me.  In fact, oddly, when looking at her next to Chuy, Chuy looks way more chihuahua than I ever recognized.  Nonetheless, he's still a magnificent and dashing little brute.

Got her a little over 24 hours ago, and the personalities have worked together in exactly the opposite of my expectations.  Praline was very chill and accepting, even letting Mochi fetch the rubber stick back to me several times.  Chuy, otoh, was very standoffish at first and not at all cool about it.  With the aid of Himself, I've been sure to keep a very close eye on their interactions so no one got hurt.  Mochi has not had an accident in the house.  She is obviously teething so I'm keeping an eye on her and being clear about which are nommable toys and what stuff is off-limits. 

Slept all night, and Mochi slept through on the bed.  It's been interesting that she has to be convinced to come into the house, because she spent a great portion of her life so far being forbidden to come indoors.  She seems to be loving it, though.  This morning the trio finally got their frisk on, and went tearing around the house like three fur-bearing little missiles.  ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!

Welcome home, Mochi.  Be happy here. Love and be loved. :)


Rabbit said...

She's beautiful! Maybe Praline will share Nostrildamus for teething purposes.

Farmmom said...

Adorable!!!!! Glad she found her puppeh heaven!!!!

Jess said...

I'm sure Praline will continue her rein. She has the personalitly and stamina, from what I observe.

Mochi was blessed with your kindness. Dog heaven indeed.

Erin Palette said...

Hooray for puppies!

If reincarnation exists, I want to come back as a dog and be spoiled by folks like you. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!
Not a word I use often or lightly.


Christina RN LMT said...

She looks so sweet! Look at that face. :)

Old NFO said...

LOL, you're getting over er... underrun by dogs there Lady :-)

Auntie J said...

What a sweetie!

I would love to be able to have a dog, but Hubby is more a cat person. Plus, even a canine the size of Miss Mochi would scare my youngest, who is petrified of anything that barks (except her sisters).

I love hearing about doggies who get second (or fifth) chances at a good home!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

I'm glad she found such a wonderful hope - I hope she gives you and Himself many years of laughter, love, and fun.

Jennifer said...

OMG! She is so very cute!
I am certain that she will fill out the family beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Is she
MO' chee
MO' kee

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She's absolutely lovely! In fact, the only thing lovelier is the fact that there are wonderful loving people like you in the world who will give a puppy a caring home.

BGMiller said...

Well done m'dear.
Well done indeed.


Monkeywrangler said...

Great job on taking in the rescue pup! We recently added our 3rd rescue to the housepack.
See her here: