Monday, July 09, 2012

Roscoe was absolutely right! This clip is perfect.

Sound quality is not great on this, but it's hilarious.  Good synopsis that manages to be accurate and funny.

I expect the final grade on the odious Sociology course tomorrow.  I may unleash the rant this week, but we'll see. I'm trying to get my bearings with an assignment-heavy psych course for the second summer session.  This one is online too, but at a different school, so the last week of the previous course and the first week of this on overlapped last week.  Between that and working about 55 hours last week, I pretty much had my clock cleaned.  Hopefully work AND school will settle down to a dull roar this week and I'll be able to retain some shred of sanity.

Meantime, my guitar practicing is going quite well, and in that I am well pleased.  I've been really surprised how the dogs have been very cool and not bothered by the guitar.  Sometimes if I strum and play loudly, Praline will lift her head from the sofa as if to say "really? really?" but otherwise they seem not to notice it at all.  :)

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