Friday, July 20, 2012

My first pack pile.


They all cuddled up together for the first time on Monday. Chuy and Praline have gotten gradually more warm and accepting of my new little peanut Mochi.
Mochi seems to be afraid of the dark and is loath to go out after dark unless a person goes out with her. Or maybe she's afraid of being left out in the dark. She was chained up in a yard for a lot of her second and third months, and then she was still an outdoor dog, though more kindly treated at her previous home.
She's a sparkly little thing, though, and I love her floppy-puppy ways. Just the way her pads sound on the floor is different, and she seems to have livened up the established houndies in the house. Chuy and Mochi seem to be undertaking some project behind (or under?) the shed. If she shares his engineering bent, they'll dig a hole to China, Praline will go walkabout down the chiweenie hole and Chuy and Mochi will stand around looking innocent and pointing out that sissy has gone down that big, spontaneously-appearing hole under the shed.

There's no telling. In any case, my pups fill my heart with joy. I'm glad Miss Mochi is here, and I think the other pups are, too. :)

...but we're going to need a bigger puppy bed.


Old NFO said...

Glad they're 'adapting'...

Mulligan said...

all warm and fuzzy :)

Vinogirl said...