Thursday, July 05, 2012

The end (of sociology class) is nigh.

Tonight will be my final in Sociology, thank goodness.   I calculated my totals, and as of now if I made a zero on my final, I'd still make a 74.  The final has  over 200 points, and I only need 79 to make a B, and 179 to make an A, so, uh, I think I'll be plenty happy to get a B.  I decided to eschew study for the final to focus on my other class which started Monday. 

I'm not trying to be lazy, and I really prefer not to phone it in, but one thing I've learned with this course and this professor is that more work does not necessarily yield a better outcome, so I think coasting is the sensible choice here.  Worst case scenario?  Hey, I've already got a C.  

I'm glad this one is nearly over. 

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Matt G said...

I hope you cut that beotch to the bone in your review.