Tuesday, July 24, 2012

guitar lust.

I can't afford it, guitar lust.  But the inlay work on these guitars by Andy Powers is nothing short of breath-taking. 

You can hear how nice one of these instruments sounds here.  Lovely.   I so love the inlay of the maple leaves and acorns-- quite lovely.

I've been spending more time playing my ukelele, in addition to practicing my guitar.  On the uke I'm playing Sheena Is A Punk Rocker by the Ramones and Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash (or was that the Carter family, originally?)  Anyway, I'm nothing too exciting on them, but it's a nice diversion from the workaday and school-a-day.  I'm very pleased that unlike last night, I'm not up until 2am studying.  Finished a test a short bit ago.  I seem to have a solid A so far with 1.5 weeks left to go. I have 2 major papers to submit and 1 or 2 more tests, I think.  I'll be glad when it's done, though.  I'm looking forward to the break between summer and fall terms to do a little more quality concentration on practicing my guitar and uke.


Matt G said...

The guitars: breathtaking. I called my wife in to drool. They are works of art that also make music.

The classes: DON'T STOP. Keep it up. We are proud of you.

Old NFO said...