Sunday, July 22, 2012

Damn, girl!

PJ Harvey kicks more than 31 flavors of ass here.  Love the way she rocks. 


greg said...

Those are some okay boots.

Old NFO said...

She does have an interesting voice! and that little white dress was a 'bit' distracting...LOL

Roscoe said...

The upside of living on the Left Coast -- we're going to see Steve Martin's banjo act on Friday.

phlegmfatale said...

greg - ain't they, though?

Old NFO - I love her voice. She's very rock and roll. ANd that dress, well, that dress is amazing.

Roscoe - at least there IS an upside! :)

phlegmfatale said...

Roscoe - that was a great video, btw. He's had such a long career as screen actor that it's easy to forget what a brilliant banjo player he is. Have fun!

Matt G said...

Ain't the dress that distracts me. It's that what fills (and projects from) it that does to.

I saw the boots and thought "that's the hook for Phlegmmy, right there."

Roscoe said...

About once a year, I get to do the kind of cultural activity here in Portland which wasn't available when we lived in Florida.

Last year's cool event was getting an autograph for my hardcover copy of "Cryptonomicon". The author was actually happy to see the old book after signing his new one all evening.

You live in Del Castillo territory. They top my list of shows I'd like to see live. I have all of their albums.

Roscoe said...


The Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers show was fun, but the crowd wasn't into the performance enough to get the guys out for a second encore to play "King Tut".

Highly recommended if they're ever within driving range of Elsewhere.