Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday roundup - Friday 13-- always a good day for me!

First of all-- when did my furboy Chuy go to Africa???  This is the cutest picture. Chuy is so fierce, and not just because he has a harem now.

Second of all, went to lunch Thursday with Himself and when I got home, there was a certified envelope on the doorstep.  The insurance company has deemed my jaw surgery medically necessary.  I'm sort of scrambling to get it set up. Would be ideal the first week of August to have it and have done with it in time to be in school.  I may be a fright, still, at that point, but hopefully most of the bruising and swelling will be gone by then. 
Still, yuck.
I may be getting my braces back on as soon as next week because they have to use the anchored brackets to reposition the cut-and-paste mandible action.  That will be interesting. It's going to be a challenge to speak clearly on the phone with braces all over again, but I'll manage as before.  I should probably be practicing talking with my retainers in, or somesuch. :)

Thirdly, why do I want to call my Psych class my psycho class?  Clearly the Sociology class was the psycho class.  You'uns is still owed a post on that, btw.  Don't think I've forgotten.

At the end of the day Thursday, 4th day of the work week, I've put in 43.5 hours.  I vow I'm leaving my work at the regularly scheduled 4pm on Friday.  Besides, I have to drive to Dallas after work.  Too busy for messing about working late.

Next week I switch to a later shift, to 10-7 rather than 7-4.  I have observed that I spend the first few hours of the day fixing what went 'splodey with other peoples' clients. I figure things will be tamped down to a dull roar by the time I get in if I let others handle it, so we'll see how that theory holds up.  Maybe I can get away with getting my work done in few hours that way.  The most important part, though, is that I don't want to leave work until I know I've put out all the fires and responded to every client.  That can be tough on a day in which I handled more than a 100 phone calls and received 200 emails.  But I manage.

Finally-- Friday 13th is always a happy reminder for me.  Once my dog Valentine got out during a thunderstorm, and, terrified, she probably ran for miles.  I went to the SPCA every day hoping to find her.  5 weeks after her escape, a kindly family picked her up a couple of counties away and took her to the vet, got her all fixed up and they took her home.  4 weeks later, on a Friday 13th, I got a phone call from someone who saw Valentine's poster at the SPCA.  The voice mail said "I hope I'm wrong, but I think I may have your dog.  She had a collar on that had a tag that said 'Devil.'"  Yup, got my baby back on Friday 13th after she'd been gone for 9 weeks.

Just when you least expect it: just what you least expect. :)
Have a great weekend!


Old NFO said...

Same to you, and GLAD you finally got the med approval!!!

Matt G said...

I'm impressed at your schedule, and your brave approach to your jaw surgery. Continue to impress us, Miz Phlegm!

Jennifer said...

I wish you luck with the medical adventures. Glad the insurance approved.
Friday the 13th is a good day for me also. That's when Michael and I became an official couple.